22 Dec

3 Tips for a Quality Sleep at Night

Getting a quality sleep at night is something that many do not get in the modern day. With so much going on in our busy lives, sometimes it can be difficult to get to sleep at night. This is why Beds Glasgow is so committed to making sure everyone has the information and opportunity to do what they need to do to promote their own good sleeping habits.


Now, there are many factors that make for a quality sleep, from diet and genetics to tuned circadian rhythms and comfortable beds. While all these other factors are important, Beds Glasgow is going to focus on a particular three factors that you can change within even a few days.

Below we’ll take a look at these factors in detail.

Having a Schedule

Depending on your age and what you do on a daily basis, having a sleeping schedule can be an easy or hard change to make.

An example of an easy sleeping pattern would be someone always working 9 to 5 during a working week. They will need to wake up and get ready at the same time almost every day, and they get used to this over time and end up falling asleep around the same time every night. A student, on the other hand, may have early and late starts all over the week, so sleeping times vary a lot. This leads to sleeping without a schedule and, therefore, trouble sleeping at the right times.

Small Lifestyle Changes

It’s the little things during the day that make a big difference. An example would be cutting your caffeine intake, or restricting it to certain time periods. You could try cutting down how much coffee you have, or try only having coffee during the morning period.

Another small change you could make is not using any technology an hour before bed. This helps through reduce light exposure as light signals to your brain that t should be awake and alert. By avoiding strong light before bed, you’re effectively telling your brain that it is getting close to sleeping time.

Having a Quality Bed

It doesn’t take a scientist to work out that having an uncomfortable bed means not sleeping very well at night. Not only can it disturb sleep however, a bad bed can cause back problems and more over long periods of time.

Fix this by buying a new bed and mattress every so many years. You should only buy quality beds and mattresses from a well-established supplier however, so you know you’re only getting the best. Beds Glasgow is always happy to help you find a new bed or mattress to help you sleep more soundly at night.

Get a Better Sleep in No Time

We hope you found our 3 tips for a quality sleep informative and are on your way to sleeping more soundly every night. If you think you require a new bed or mattress to achieve the better sleep you’ve been looking for, you’re in the right place.

Don’t hesitate to order online from our catalogue today, or come into our store and see us, we’re always happy to assist you.

17 Dec

Your Reliable Bed & Mattress Supplier

When it comes to buying furniture that will become an important part of your household, it’s worth knowing that you are buying from a reliable bed and mattress supplier. Buying from a less reliable or less well-established bed supplier means gambling on the quality of your new furniture, something everyone should aim to avoid.


Beds Glasgow is one of Glasgow’s recommended bed and mattress suppliers, meaning you can rest easy knowing that the quality of our products is well-known. By buying quality beds and mattresses from a reliable supplier, you are getting the comfiest furniture that will last you for years to come.

If you’re not sure what makes a truly great quality bed or mattress, please come into the Beds Glasgow store and speak to one of our friendly team members. Below we’re going to look at what makes Beds Glasgow a reliable bed and mattress supplier.

Only Quality Furniture

As we mentioned above, Beds Glasgow only offers customers the very best when it comes to quality. Any less than the best and we wouldn’t feel that we are achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking to buy a new bed frame or a comfortable mattress, you’ll soon see the kind of quality that keeps customers coming back time and time again. Our experienced staff can show you exactly what beds and mattresses we love the most, as well as the best furniture to suit your individual needs.

Experienced Staff

Our staff at Beds Glasgow won’t let you down, their knowledge and experience within this industry in unrivalled in Glasgow. Whatever your needs in terms of quality beds and mattresses, the staff at Beds Glasgow are there to serve you.

With over 30 years of experience, you can trust our professional staff with whatever questions you may have. Reliable suppliers always employ reliable staff.

Fast & Reliable Delivery

Naturally with buying large or heavy products, you will expect a good delivery service to do all the heavy lifting. Beds Glasgow realises how important it is to customers that their new furniture is transported safely and securely, as well as the delivery being cost-effective.

With that in mind, Beds Glasgow offer free local delivery to the people of Glasgow, so you can enjoy your new beds and mattresses as soon as possible!

Choose a Reliable Bed Supplier

The next time you plan on buying yourself some new quality beds and mattresses, make sure you only choose a reliable supplier who has your needs in mind. You can find out whether a supplier is reliable from looking at a supplier’s website for testimonials, and from customer ratings and reviews on google and other trusted websites.

Choose reliable bed and mattress suppliers, choose Beds Glasgow.

10 Dec

January Sale Beds

Start off the new year with a new bed, one that’ll have you enjoying quality sleep throughout the whole of 2016 and for years to come. You can find many beds that will get your year off to a great start at Beds Glasgow.


Beds Glasgow offers fantastic deals during our January sale every year, making it one of the best times to come on down to our store. Now is also the best time to check both your beds and mattresses in your home and see what could use replacing with something new and comfy. Remember that neither beds nor mattresses are made to last forever, they should be replaced every so many years.

It’s also a good idea to think about replacing your bed or mattress if you’re not getting a good quality sleep every night. It could be a problem with your bed that is definitely worth fixing. Whatever the reason you’re looking for a new bed, you don’t want to miss our January sale beds!

The Best Deals

The number one reason not to miss our January sale beds is that they are some of the best deals on beds you’ll find in Glasgow. We care about our customers and the locals here in Glasgow, that’s why we make sure there are bargains for anyone who comes into our store during our January sale.

Getting more bang for your buck is easy at Beds Glasgow as we do our research to make sure we’re only giving you the best deals during our January sale.

Our Wide Range of Furniture

No matter what type of bed or mattress you’re looking to buy, we’re likely to have it in stock. If you are looking for something specific, it can pay to check out our January sale for your chosen bed or mattress at a really great price.

Even if you’re not too sure what you are looking for yet, you should come along to Beds Glasgow during our January sale, you might just spy a deal that’s too good to miss!

Something New for Your Home

One of the best ways to start off the new year is to spruce up the house a little, buy a few new things to continue making your house into a home. A new bed is a great way to do this as it is an essential part of any comfortable home.

Now imagine you can do this without breaking the bank and still receive something of truly high quality. That’s exactly what Beds Glasgow are offering you at our January beds sale. Be sure to get yourself down to our store so you don’t miss out and to avoid disappointment.

See You in January

The team at Beds Glasgow is always excited to see so many new faces during our popular January beds sale, it’s one of our favourite times of the year. We’re hoping to see you there this January, getting a good deal you won’t find anywhere else.

Visit Beds Glasgow this January for some of the best quality beds at the best prices you can find in and around Glasgow.

02 Dec

Choosing The Right Bed

Choosing The Right Bed

We know choosing a bed isn’t always the easiest thing. Let’s face it, when it comes to mattresses, even we have to admit, they all look pretty similar. That’s why we’ve made choosing your new bed as easy as possible. Please refer to our three steps for choosing the perfect bed for you.

Choose your bed style

– Everyone’s different. At Beds Glasgow you will find a huge range of styles ranging from fashionable, fun or something with handy storage. Traditional or modern and in a range of sizes, the choice is yours. Our bed frames are available in wood, metal, fabric or faux leather, you are sure to find a look to match your style and your bedroom. We also have a wide range of divan beds available. Built with a solid top these are made for total comfort. Our divans are also available with many handy storage options. The choice goes on… We have day beds and childrens beds too! Funky colours, high sleepers, cabin beds there is a wide range for your little ones.

Choose your firmness

– Comfort is a personal thing. So to help you find a bed that’s just right for you, simply try the mattresses in our store. They are rated by firmness and all you have to do is decide which one feels right and look out for that rating on our beds. Our ratings vary from soft/medium which is ideal if you sleep on your side. Medium is also great if you sleep on your side but prefer a slightly firmer feel. Medium/Firm is a good option if you change position a lot. Firm which is just the right support if you sleep on your back or your front with a medium height pillow. Extra firm is often referred to as orthopaedic and these are very firm and supportive.

Choosing your mattress

– Some people like the feel of a sprung mattress. Others prefer memory foam. When it comes to your mattress only you can decide. An open coil mattress is always a popular choice. These are manufactured as hour glass shaped springs which are arranged in rows and connected together by wire. The body weight is evenly distributed across the mattress, reducing pressure on any one area.  Another popular option is a pocket sprung mattress. Hundreds, even thousands of springs are housed in their own individual fabric pockets. This allows the springs to work independently offering support to exactly where you need it. This also means no more roll-together. Individual springs mean no matter how light or heavy you and your partner are there’s much less chance of sag or roll-together. Up the spring count, up the comfort as they say. The more the spring count the firmer the mattress.
02 Dec

Bed Sales Glasgow

If you’re looking to buy a new bed for your home, there’s no better time to do so than when Beds Glasgow has a sale on. Our bed sales are all about the very best quality beds at the best deals you can find in Glasgow, you won’t be disappointed.

From basic single beds to luxury king-sized beds, we have furniture to suit anyone and any home, just come to our store and browse for yourself. You can also browse our website for some of our bargains, we only offer the best.


Shopping at Beds Glasgow is always a pleasure, although here’re some great reasons you should come to our store during a fantastic bed sale.

Amazing Value Prices

All of our beds and mattresses always come at fantastic prices, however during a bed sale at our Glasgow store, you can find quality beds at prices you’re certain not to find anywhere else. This is a great tip if you’re planning on buying new furniture for a new home, or if you’re just planning on replacing old furniture.

Don’t forget that it usually won’t just be beds that are on sale, often our comfortable mattresses will offer a good deal as well. Why not pick up a new mattress with your comfy new bed?

Only the Best Furniture

As we tell all of our customers, you only get the very best in quality when you come to Beds Glasgow. Our experienced staff know what makes a good bed and a good mattress, which is why you can rest easy knowing you’re making purchases with someone who knows what will suit your individual needs.

As one of Glasgow’s recommended bed suppliers, we know what local people want when it comes to buying quality beds in Glasgow.

An Unrivalled Service

Like we mentioned above, our team of experts at our Glasgow store are the perfect people to help you choose the right bed to suit you. Whether you’re buying a new bed to replace an old worn and torn one, or to help with getting a better quality sleep at night, we know exactly which beds to point you towards.

Come Visit Us Today

Stop by our store today for some of the best deals and sales you can find on beds and mattresses in Glasgow. We’re always happy to hear from you whether you want to buy a bed from us, or whether you have questions for our specialists.

Don’t hesitate, give us a call today at 0141 554 079 or send us an email via our contact page.

We look forward to meeting you in-store soon!