25 Jan

What Makes a Quality Bed?



When thinking about buying a new bed, it pays to know what to look for. By keeping the qualities shared by all great beds in mind, you can much more easily invest in a bed that you will be happy with.

There are many different qualities that you might consider, from the level of comfort to design. Colour, materials, and brand all matter, but really the qualities that make for an amazing bed can be whittled down to three main aspects.

These three aspects are comfort, design, and materials. Below we’re going to take a look at these aspects in more detail, so you can browse and buy beds more confidently from furniture websites and showrooms.

Everyone Wants Comfort

No one wants an uncomfortable bed, they make it difficult, sometimes impossible, to relax and sleep blissfully. This is why Beds Glasgow only knowingly offers the comfiest beds around, so you can sleep well every single night.

This aspect is much more important than it first appears if you consider how much sleep and rest in general affect both your daily life. A bad sleep, or not enough sleep, can affect your mood, your work performance, your grades, your energy levels, your health, and much, much more. Don’t under-invest in a bed which may affect all these important parts of your life negatively, buy a bed that provides the best level of comfort.

Don’t under-invest in a bed which may affect all these important parts of your life negatively, buy a bed that provides the best level of comfort.

Designs to Suit

Almost everyone likes to improve their home in any way possible, one important way to do this is through your furniture. Many want a bed which suits their room, something that will suit their décor and colour schemes. With that in mind, choosing a bed design becomes much more important.

Thankfully, most of the beds that are offered by Beds Glasgow are suited to almost any colour scheme and décor. That means that just about anything you order from us online or in our showroom is sure to suit your room.

Only Quality Materials Used

The quality of the material used to make a bed are extremely important, not only will they affect the comfort of the bed, they will also tend to dictate how long the piece of furniture will last. A poorly made bed may last you a couple of years before breaking and becoming a nightmare to sleep on while a high-quality bed can last you more than a decade!

A poorly made bed may last you a couple of years before breaking and becoming a nightmare to sleep on while a high-quality bed can last you more than a decade!

Beds Glasgow only offers quality beds to our valued customers as we aren’t completely satisfied unless you are.

Find Your Dream Bed With Us

All of our beds here at Beds Glasgow are manufactured and supplied with all three of these important qualities in mind. Come see them for yourself at our popular Glasgow showroom.

Don’t hesitate, come visit us today, or give us a call at: 0141 554 0792.

19 Jan

Beds and Mattresses in Glasgow

Beds Glasgow has always prided itself on being a local Glasgow business striving to serve the people. We achieve this through many different ways, from offering the very best quality beds and mattresses, to offering free delivery the local people.

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While we offer our fantastic range of beds, mattress and more to everyone in the UK, Glasgow will always be the roots of our company and that’s why we do everything we can deliver the very best service we can.

Below we’ll take a look at some ways in which Beds Glasgow is guaranteed to offer the very best in beds, mattresses, and service in our great city.

Our Glasgow City Centre Showroom

Beds Glasgow operates and proudly present our quality products in the heart of city centre Glasgow at our showroom. Customers from all over the UK visit our showroom to seek out something fantastic to add to their home.

Whether they know exactly what they want, or if they want to spend some time browsing, the showroom at Beds Glasgow is the place for customers to be. Our friendly team are always on hand to guide you or answer any and all questions you may have.

The Beds Glasgow showroom is always a great way to begin deciding what kind of bed or mattress you want to make your life that bit more comfortable.

Open 7 Days a Week For You

The team at Beds Glasgow are constantly working to make your bed and mattress buying experience a simple and easy one. No matter what day you want to take a look at our range of great products or ask our experts a question, we’re on hand to help you.

We understand how busy many of our customers are in the modern day, that’s why we stay open 7 days a week to accommodate as many people as possible. We’re forever working to make sure you can invest in quality furniture without and stress or hassle.

Enjoy the Free Local Delivery

As another way of showing our commitment to the people who make Glasgow great, we offer all of you free local delivery. This means that not only can you enjoy the absolute bargains we offer at Beds Glasgow, you also don’t have to worry about high delivery costs that other bed and mattress companies may offer.

We appreciate everyone who visits our site and our showroom and only offer you the very best in return, fantastic quality beds, mattresses, and service.

Visit Us Today

The team at Beds Glasgow simply cannot wait to meet you, we hope you give us a call or an email, or even better yet, visit our lovely showroom in city centre Glasgow!

Don’t miss out on the great savings you could making in quality furniture, get in touch with Beds Glasgow today.

13 Jan

The Best Time to Buy a New Mattress

With the beginning of 2016 comes the very best time to buy that new quality mattress you’ve been thinking about. Even if you haven’t been planning on buying a new mattress, it’s still definitely the perfect time to have a shop around.

Orthopaedic Mattress

Beds Glasgow currently has their biggest sale on both beds and mattresses right now as part of our popular January sale. Everything from bed frames to mattresses is on sale right now and you do not want to miss out.

Below we’ll take a look at what makes the Beds Glasgow January sale the best time to buy a new mattress.

The Best Priced Mattresses of 2016

Beds Glasgow is offering mattresses at the very best prices you can find for such amazing quality. As January is the month for our big sale, we guarantee that you won’t find a better deal anywhere other than the Beds Glasgow website and showroom.

Don’t end up regretting not investing in a comfy new mattress in a few months time, it’s no doubt an absolute bargain to invest in a mattress from Beds Glasgow this January.

If you’re looking for a quality mattress at the most cost-effective price possible, Beds Glasgow is the place to be right now.

Limited Stock Running Out Fast

If you’re looking to take advantage of some of our great products which are on sale this month, you will need to be quick. Our stock of quality mattresses and lovely beds are in limited supply during the Beds Glasgow January sale, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

To be safe and get the mattress you need for your home, order today and avoid missing out. It’s made simple and easy with our online store showing you exactly what’s on sale and what you can expect from our popular products.

Still Offering Free Local Delivery

Even with our popular bed and mattress sale going on this month, Beds Glasgow is still offering every customer the free local delivery you are used to receiving from us. This means that not only will you save hundreds of pounds buying from the range of fantastic products we have on sale, you will also get a reliable delivery service to your door at absolutely no extra cost.

Beds Glasgow is the place to be when you want the very best in UK beds and mattresses at the most competitive prices. Don’t waste even a minute, get browsing our range of terrific offers today, before they run out!

Here For You

If you don’t quite know what to look for, or if you have any general questions, be sure to give the team at Beds Glasgow a call today at: 0141 554 0792 or visit our contact page.