31 Mar

Value-for-Money Beds & Mattresses

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Getting value for your money when investing in any kind of quality furniture is extremely important, that’s why Beds Glasgow offers you the best deals you can find in Glasgow and its surrounding areas.

Whether you’re looking to buy a big and fancy new double bed for you and your partner’s room, or just a classic single mattress for one of the kids, you’ll get the most for your money right here at Beds Glasgow. We make it one of our main goals to offer quality beds and mattresses at affordable prices so that everyone can get the good night’s sleep they deserve.

When it comes to getting more for your money, Beds Glasgow simply can’t be beaten. We stock beds and mattresses from the best manufacturers at extremely competitive prices, and then we pass those savings onto our valued clients.

Don’t miss out; buy beds and mattresses from our secure online catalogue today while stocks last!

Furniture Made from Quality Materials

As we mentioned, Beds Glasgow only works with trusted and reliable manufacturers whom we know use only quality materials in the creation of their furniture. This means that you as our client know that every product in our online catalogue is hand-picked for its fantastic quality.

You won’t find fake imitations with Beds Glasgow, only genuinely sturdy and long-lasting furniture.

The Most Competitive Pricing

Beds Glasgow always aims to offer a real bargain to our clients, whether that be by offering a specific bed or mattress for much less than other bed suppliers, or putting some of our quality products on sale. Either way, we’re confident you’ll find a great deal that you just can’t walk away from.

All you have to do is take a quick glance at our online catalogue to see the striking difference between our prices and our competitors; Beds Glasgow always comes out on top.

A Fast & Reliable Service

When you order from Beds Glasgow, you get a first-rate service which won’t have you waiting or stressing. Our customer service skills are one of our core strengths, with many past clients saying that they come back to Beds Glasgow because of the quality of the service they received.

Choose a reliable bed and mattress supplier to supply and deliver your new furniture, choose Beds Glasgow.

Get in Touch with Beds Glasgow Today

The dedicated team of bed experts at Beds Glasgow is always excited to hear from both new and old clients.

With that in mind, why not give us a call at 0141 554 0792? You won’t regret it.

26 Mar

Glasgow’s Biggest Variety of Quality Mattresses


When it comes to mattress variety, no bed supplier offers more options than Beds Glasgow.

Variety is the spice of life, and as such, Beds Glasgow does its very best to give valued clients the range of choices they deserve. No one wants to be stuck with just a small range of mattress options, clients want to be able to find something specific to their own individual needs.

From memory foam mattresses to pocket-sprung mattresses, Beds Glasgow has it all. Just by checking out our online catalogue you can quickly see that there is something for everyone. However, the very best way to see exactly what mattresses we have on offer is by visiting our popular Glasgow showroom.

Below we’ll discuss the main benefits of choosing Beds Glasgow as your trusted mattress supplier.

A Choice of Only Quality Mattresses

We hold ourselves, as well as all of our mattresses, up to a very high standard. That means that not only do you get a first-rate service with every order, you also get the very best mattresses on offer.

Don’t risk buying sub-par mattresses or other furniture from a less well-established bed and mattress supplier, it may cost you much more in the long-term.

Made Using Only the Best Materials

We only select mattress manufacturers who we know we can trust to only use the very best materials in creating the quality mattresses we offer to our valued clients. We would never knowingly offer any mattress which does not meet our high expectations of the work of our trusted manufacturers.

Know that Beds Glasgow, as a brand, stands for only the greatest in furniture available in Glasgow and its surrounding areas.

Available Online & In Our Showroom

When it comes to buying a new mattress for your home, Beds Glasgow realises that different people have different buying preferences. Some clients like to order online as its quick and easy while others prefer to see their new mattress up close before buying by visiting our popular Glasgow showroom.

Beds Glasgow aims to be accessible to all in regards to how you order quality beds and mattresses from us. That’s why we are happy with whatever buying method is most convenient for you.

Order Quality Mattresses Online Today

Beds Glasgow is always happy to hear from you, whether it be simply through an online order, or a quick call to our friendly team of bed and mattress specialists.

Get in touch with us today at 0141 554 0792, we look forward to speaking with you.

18 Mar

Quality Beds from Trusted Manufacturers

Palermo Vale Bed Frame

Beds Glasgow only sources beds from trusted manufacturers, so you only get the very best when it comes to buying quality beds in Scotland.

As a recommended bed and mattress supplier, Beds Glasgow has to take extra special care when selecting manufacturers to source quality beds from. We have to make sure only the very best materials are used in the design process, as well as making sure that every bed is strong and sturdy.

We understand what clients want when it comes to buying quality beds in our Glasgow showroom, or when ordering furniture online. The bed needs to feel comfortable, look great, and last a long period of time. With those factors in mind, we can choose the very best beds to offer to clients.

Below we’ll discuss some of the qualities that Beds Glasgow looks for in trusted bed manufacturers.

First-Class Quality

Naturally, the most important factor in choosing a bed manufacturer is the quality of their furniture. The beds we offer customers have to be feel good, look good, and be able to last a long time with the proper care.

No one wants to buy a bed that doesn’t feature the important qualities we mentioned above, so we don’t offer anything that doesn’t meet our high standards.

Attractive & Exclusive Designs

A large majority of those looking to buy a new bed want something that won’t just feel great to sleep in, they want something that will look fantastic and will complement their home. Whether you’re looking to buy a new double bed for your shared room, or perhaps a bunk bed for the kids’ room, there’s no reason it can’t look great as well as feel great.

Our chosen bed manufacturers are also chosen with this in mind, meaning that we actively seek out bed suppliers who have a terrific variety of attractive bed options.

Beds to Last the Long-Term

A great quality bed will last for years when given the proper care and treatment; however this is not the case with lower quality furniture. With this in mind, we only buy beds from manufacturers who supply beds which are made sturdy through quality materials. This means you always get value-for-money with Beds Glasgow.

Avoid having a lower quality bed for the short-term and invest in a fantastic quality bed which will last you for many years to come.

Order Today

We’re always dedicated to bringing you the very best beds and mattresses we can find. Beds Glasgow wholeheartedly believes that everyone deserves to have the obvious option of a terrific bed with a range of great qualities.

Order from our online catalogue today, and please give us a call at 0141 554 0792 if you have any questions at all.

12 Mar

Comfortable & Affordable Mattresses


Beds Glasgow does everything we can to offer you the very best quality mattresses you can find in the UK while still having the most competitive prices around.

Everyone deserves to sleep on a comfortable mattress, one that will have them rejuvenated for what lies ahead the next day. Unfortunately, however, some bed and mattress suppliers don’t offer their customers the best products out there, and so many people end up believing that they can’t find anything better. Beds Glasgow is here to dispel that belief.

We offer a wide range of mattresses to suit everyone and anyone’s needs, whether you need something luxury for your double bed or just something simple and comfortable for your kids. We also offer a range of different mattresses to suit specific individuals, for example, we stock orthopaedic mattresses for those who experience back problems.

Whatever your tastes and requirements, Beds Glasgow is extremely confident that you will find what you are looking for.

A Large Variety of Quality Mattresses Online

All of our best mattresses can be found in our online store, so you can quickly and securely order your favourite mattress within minutes. The whole process has never been so fast and simple!

One of the best parts about browsing our range of quality mattresses online is that you can get all the information you need to make an informed decision on what to order. Everything you could ever need to know is explained in full detail; however, if you still have questions or queries, you can always give us a call and speak to one of our friendly team members.

Beds Glasgow offers one of the very best bed and mattress delivery services in and around the Glasgow area. If you live within 50 miles of Glasgow, we’ll deliver your new furniture absolutely free. This is our way of saying thank you for choosing us as your trusted bed and mattress supplier.

From Comfortable to Luxury

We know that all of our mattresses are both comfortable and made from quality materials; however we still offer a great range of different mattresses to suit your needs.

Our mattress range really does have something for everyone, whether you’re looking for something simple or something a little fancy. You only have to take a quick glance at our online catalogue to realise how much we offer our valued customers.

Another great way you can see how many fantastic mattresses we have on offer is by visiting our popular Glasgow showroom. Come on down and find an excellent mattress at a bargain price.

Buy a Mattress from Us Online Today

Don’t hesitate, buy your dream mattress from our online store today, we guarantee a first-class service with every order.

You can also give us a call at 0141 554 0792 or email our team at sales@bedsglasgow.com

03 Mar

Glasgow’s Recommended Bed Showroom


New customers come from all over the country to enjoy what the Beds Glasgow showroom has to offer, we come recommended!

If you’re looking for the best quality beds and mattresses at the most competitive prices around, then look no further than Beds Glasgow. Whether you’re browsing our extensive online catalogue or taking some time to visit out highly-rated Glasgow showroom; we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

What makes our Glasgow showroom a must-visit for anyone looking to invest in a new quality bed or mattress? Well, it’s because of many of the same reasons past customers have browsed our popular website, we offer the best beds, the lowest prices, and the most efficient service.

Our High-Quality Beds & Mattresses

We’re proud to offer some of the highest quality beds and mattresses you can find in Glasgow. It’s not just us that think so, check out our customer testimonials and ratings; you’ll quickly notice that many past customers would recommend us to others based on our fantastic range of quality furniture.

The best way to see this for yourself is to come and visit our lovely Glasgow showroom. Not only will you get to see and feel the brand-new beds and mattresses on sale, you’ll also get to meet our friendly team of bed and mattress experts.

Our Rock-Bottom Prices

Beds Glasgow does its very best to make sure we are offering affordable beds and mattresses so that everyone can get the refreshing sleep and comfort they deserve.

A new bed made from quality materials doesn’t have to cost you vast amounts of money, you can see by browsing through our extensive bed catalogue that we offer some fantastic deals on some of our most popular beds. Even mattresses don’t have to break the bank as we offer a range of mattresses that keep your spending down and your comfort up.

By visiting our Glasgow showroom, you can try these affordable beds and mattresses for yourself until you find the perfect match for you.

Our Friendly & Efficient Service

Whether you visit our Glasgow showroom or talk to one of our team over the phone, you’ll notice that we take great customer service very seriously, striving to provide first-class service every time.

This extends further beyond into the actual physical service you receive as Beds Glasgow value their customers so much that we offer free same-day delivery of your new furniture if you live within 50 miles of Glasgow.

Visit the Beds Glasgow Showroom Today

We’re always ready to welcome anyone and everyone into our popular Glasgow showroom in Glasgow city centre. So, come on down and browse our quality beds and mattresses to your heart’s content, also be sure to chat to our friendly team of experts if you have any queries.

Call us today at 0141 554 0792 if you have any questions, we’re always happy to hear from you.