28 May

Best Bed Sales in Glasgow

pocket ortho divanWith Beds Glasgow there will always be bargains available during our bed sales in Glasgow; just take a look at our online catalogue!

When you’re looking to buy new furniture, be it anything from a luxury double bed to a comfy new mattress, it’s natural to look around for the very best prices and service. This is why we constantly have bed sales in Glasgow, so be sure to keep an eye out for our latest deals.

There’s no better time than the present to treat yourself to a brand new bed, it could be just what you need to complete your home and get a better night’s sleep all in one.

Below we’ll go through what you can expect from our bed sales in Glasgow.

New Deals Every Day

As we mentioned, you can always see what beds and mattresses we have on sale just by taking a look at our online catalogue. We’re constantly adding more and more furniture to our inventory, as well as putting some of our most popular beds on limited time sales.

Keep checking out our website regularly to get all the latest information on what beds and mattresses are currently on sale; that way you can get a fantastic deal you won’t get anywhere else.

Unbeatable Value-for-Money

With our bed sales in Glasgow, you’ll be getting superior quality beds and mattresses for rock-bottom prices. Because we only work with bed manufacturers who we know use quality materials in the production of their furniture, you can relax knowing that what you’re getting from us is the best of the best.

Get your money’s worth, come to us for the most competitive bed sales in Glasgow.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Beds Glasgow has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in Glasgow when it comes to the beds and furniture industry. Just take a quick look at our customer testimonials to get an idea of why so many people come to us for our popular bed sales in Glasgow.

Our dedicated team do absolutely everything they can to bring you the highest standards of customer service possible; with years of experience under their belts, they guarantee a positive experience every time.

Come to us for Bed Sales in Glasgow

When it comes to bed sales in Glasgow we simply can’t be beaten. Beds Glasgow always has a great bargain up for grabs on our online store, so keep an eye out for our next big sale.

Why don’t you give us a call at 0141 554 0792? You can also send us a quick and secure email via our online contact form.

20 May

Best Beds in Glasgow

Palermo Vale Bed Frame

When it comes to buying the very best beds in Glasgow, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality bed from the dedicated team at Beds Glasgow.

With our years of experience in the furniture industry paired with the fantastic customer service skills of our bed experts, we know that Beds Glasgow comes recommended. Nowhere else will you find the same quality of beds and mattresses at the same bargain prices offered by Beds Glasgow.

Below we’ll go through just 3 factors that show we offer the very best beds in Glasgow.

Our Trusted Manufacturers

Beds Glasgow carefully chooses their bed manufacturers with quality in mind, that means we only choose bed manufacturers who we know use quality materials for every bed. By doing this we ensure that our valued clients only get the very best beds in Glasgow.

Just by stopping by our popular Glasgow showroom you can see the level of quality we offer in terms of our beds.

Our Online Store

Two things make our online store a showcase of the quality of our beds. Firstly, you can see the extremely wide range of beds we offer our customers, everything from your classic single bed to luxurious king-size beds. Secondly, we rank highest when it comes to people searching for beds online in Glasgow.

Know that when you’re ordering from our online store, you’re guaranteed the best beds in Glasgow.

Our Customer Testimonials

It takes just a quick glance at our genuine customer testimonials to see that the vast majority of our past clients are more than happy with their quality beds and mattresses. This is because we do everything we possibly can to make sure that each and every customer gets an individual customer service to suit them and their needs.

It’s simply not enough to offer the best beds in Glasgow; a well-established bed supplier should have the experience and knowledge to ensure every customer a positive experience.

Go to Beds Glasgow for the Best Beds in Glasgow

When it comes to bed quality and value-for-money, Beds Glasgow simply cannot be beaten. Customers looking for a bargain will always check out the deals we have on offer every day in our online store.

Please do give our friendly team a call at 0141 554 0792 or send us a secure email at sales@bedsglasgow.com

12 May

3 Things to Consider When Buying a New Bed

wooden ottoman

Buying a new bed for yourself or someone else in your home can be exciting, especially if you’re looking for luxury; however, there are some important factors to consider before committing to a specific bed design.

There’s nothing worse than investing in a new piece of furniture because you adore the look and feel of it, only to then realise that it doesn’t quite suit the room it was planned to inhabit. This happens more often that most people realise, that’s why the team at Beds Glasgow are always quick to remind clients what factors are important when considering buying new furniture.

The Size of Your Room

This might seem like an obvious factor to consider but surprisingly many new clients do forget to check how well a new bed will fit into their intended room, especially if they’re going for an upgrade. Unless you have a large room or are planning on buying the same size bed as you already have, it may be worth breaking out the measuring tape!

By getting to know the specific sizes of beds labelled ‘Medium’, ‘King-sized’ and such, you can get a better idea of the size of bed you require.

The Material Used to Make the Bed Frame

There are actually quite a few different advantages and disadvantages of going with certain bed frames made of different materials. On top of that, it’s always a good factor to think about when considering whether a bed will match your décor or not.

From wood and metal to leather and fabric bed frames, consider what might suit your needs best when it comes to price and appearance.

Useful Extra Features

One of the best things about having such a wide range of beds with Beds Glasgow is that you can pick and choose features to match your tastes. Some examples include having a bed with a headboard for visual appeal or going with an Ottoman bed for some extra storage space.

Consider what could be useful or visually appealing to you when thinking about what kind of bed you would like to bring home. This is especially important as your quality bed is guaranteed to last you for the long-term when you buy from us, so it may be a while before you’re out hunting for you next bed!

Call the Bed Experts Today

Whether you’re not sure what kinds of things to consider when buying a new bed, or whether you’re dead-set on a specific bed you have in mind, it’s always a good idea to give us a call.

Speak with one of our friendly bed specialists today by calling 0141 554 0792, or send us a quick and secure email at sales@bedsglasgow.com

07 May

Testimonials are Important When Choosing a Reliable Bed Supplier

customer-testimonialsYou have to know that your chosen bed and mattress supplier provides first-class products and a professional service; what better way to find out than from their customer testimonials?

What’s great about the bed, mattress, and furniture industry, in general, is that there is a lot of competition, even in a smaller country like Scotland. This ensures that customers get the best treatment possible, with just about every bed supplier trying their hardest.

It can sometimes be difficult to choose from the wide array of different bed suppliers, however, one of the best ways to help you come to a decision is by reading a supplier’s customer testimonials. What better way is there to find out how well a company operates than by hearing from their past clients?

Below we’ll go through some of the reasons that testimonials are important when choosing a reliable bed supplier.

Find Out About Their Furniture

Arguably, the most important thing when it comes to buying new furniture is the quality of said furniture. Clients want beds and mattresses that not only look good and feel comfortable; they also want furniture that will stand the test of time with the proper care.

By reading customer testimonials, you can see that Beds Glasgow always gets stellar ratings when it comes to the quality of our furniture on offer.

Hear About Their Service Quality

Well-made furniture is a must, but it’s not enough on its own. A truly well-established bed and mattress supplier needs to offer a professional, reliable, and fuss-free service to every client. In this way, the whole service, from start to finish, should be a positive experience that the client would happily go through again in future.

Beds Glasgow has decades of combined experience in the furniture industry between every member of our expert team, meaning that we almost always get positive feedback on our service through customer testimonials.

View Their Furniture Variety

You can get a sense for the range of furniture that a supplier has on offer by both customer testimonials and usually from looking through their online catalogue. What’s great about reading through some testimonials is that you can get an idea of which products a bed and mattress supplier does particularly well with in regards to quality.

From just a quick glance at the Beds Glasgow testimonials and online catalogue, you can see that we offer one of the largest ranges of furniture variety you can find.

Choose Beds Glasgow as Your Supplier

When it comes to quality beds and mattresses in Scotland, Beds Glasgow comes recommended every time. Just by having a quick read of some of our client testimonials, you’ll soon see why everyone visits us for the very best bargains on first-class furniture.

Call our friendly team of specialists at 0141 554 0792, or contact us via email with our secure online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.