25 Nov

How to Find the Perfect Bed

How to Find the Perfect Bed

Here at Beds Glasgow, we know what makes a good bed. Moreover, we stock a wide range of beds for our customers as we know that everyone has different preferences in terms of style, size and mattress firmness ratings.

Choosing the Perfect Bed

We understand that most people may not be aware of what to look for when selecting a new bed or mattress for their home. There are just so many things to consider, and your purchase will ultimately be something you will want to keep for many years, we are sure you will want to get it right.

With so many hours spent in bed (on average, a third of our lives are spent sleeping!), comfort is an obvious factor. In light of this, we have a choice of mattresses that will ensure your complete comfort every night. Our range includes memory foam mattresses as well as orthopaedic mattresses that are guaranteed to give you a good sleep every time.

Bed Frames

The type of bed frame you choose will inevitably depend on personal preferences. Suffice to say we have plenty of choice when it comes to frames, and these include divans and storage beds. Our beds are manufactured from a range of materials that include fabric, leather, wood and metal. We also have an assortment of bunk beds and beds designed specifically for children.

Why Comfort is Important

Many people do not realise that their bed could be the reason they do not enjoy a good quality sleep every night. They may blame stress or the fact that they cannot unwind, but it can just be down to the comfort level of their mattress.

Studies have shown that a good quality mattress can make a huge difference when it comes to unbroken sleep.Those that do manage to find a bed that provides the most comfort could enjoy up to an hour more restful sleep every single night.

Check out Beds Glasgow’s full range of top quality, affordable beds today to find one that suits your preferences and budget.



18 Nov

Reliable and Top Quality Mattresses from Beds Glasgow

Cashmere Memory Sprung Mattress

Purchasing a new mattress can be quite daunting,often seen as a chore by many. However, when you shop with us here at Beds Glasgow, we will ensure that your buying experience is enjoyable and that, ultimately, you are totally satisfied with your purchase. Unlike the lady in our story below.


The lady in question was horrified to find what appeared to be blood stains on her ‘new’ mattress. Johanna McHugh paid £140 for the mattress, which was described as ‘brand new looking’ in the online advert. However, once she received it and unwrapped the plastic packaging, she noticed stains that looked like blood. “I just went nuts after I saw that. I said it was disgusting selling a bed like that to anyone,” she explained. It was not just the mattress where there was an issue with; the divan base’s hessian was torn and tattered as well.

Refurbished Mattresses

She contacted the firm to request a full refund but was instead told to send in pictures of the damaged goods. She soon found that the advertisers were based in Birmingham, despite the Gumtree advert she had seen suggesting that the beds were from Swindon. The company had advertised the mattresses as “Totally in as 100% immaculate condition (not new but look totally as 100% SHOWROOM brand new)”.

A spokesperson for the company insisted that the adverts made it clear that the mattresses are all refurbished. The mattress that Mrs McHugh had received was a one-off, but he would be offering her a refund. He added, “There is no law against selling refurbished mattresses. Our policy is that if there is a complaint we will exchange it. It’s about negotiation. We offered to exchange.”

Reliable Source

We cannot comment on why the lady in question opted for the particular mattress she did, but when buying a mattress from Beds Glasgow, you can rest assured that you are buying from a reliable source. All our mattresses are brand new, top quality and affordable; and they all come with the relevant paperwork and tags as well. For more information, contact us today.

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14 Nov

Mattress Manufacturer Signs 5-Year Partnership with Manchester United

Mattress Manufacturer Signs 5-Year Partnership with Manchester United

At Beds Glasgow, we understand that there is nothing more important than a good night’s sleep. This is why we ensure that all our mattresses are top quality products from reliable sources.

It is essential to get a good night’s rest to make sure that you perform to the best of your abilities in your day to day tasks. This is definitely the case for sports professionals such as the players at Manchester United.

First Ever Official Mattress and Pillow Partner

Mlily is a Chinese mattress manufacturer thathas recently signed a five-year global partnership with Manchester United. This agreement will be the football club’s first ever official mattress and pillow partner andMlily will now be the provider of mattresses for the club’s Aon Training Complex in Carrington.

Mlilyhas said that this promising partnership will ‘strengthen the brand and enhance recognition further’. The Mlily brand logo will also be displayedon United’s digital perimeter boards at Old Trafford on match days.

Stress-Free Sleep

Manchester United group managing director Richard Arnold said, “Mlily has an established track record of producing a high-quality product. We want to make the best use of the latest technology and expertise that can help our team, which in this case is the sleep and recovery of players. A global partnership with us will certainly help Mlily achieve its global ambitions and bring a high-quality product to our worldwide family of fans. We look forward to working together.”

Founder of Mlily, James Ni, said, “We have been active in multiple channels of the bedding industry for several years. Our experience along with our commitment to producing high-quality mattresses and pillows has resulted in stress-free sleep and healthier lives for customers. These results are now available to Manchester United’s players and will find a wider audience due to our global partnership.”

Beds Glasgow may not be in a position to partner with Manchester United just yet, but feel free to contact us for information on our wide range of comfortable mattresses in a variety of sizes and styles to suit all budgets.


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12 Nov

How Placebo Pills Can Help to Reduce Back Pain

How Placebo Pills Can Help to Reduce Back Pain

Those who suffer from chronic back pain would likely do anything to help ease their symptoms. And results of a new study from researchers at Harvard medical school have found that patients knowingly taking a placebo for their pain improved more than patients who took medication for it.

Placebo Effect

In most human trials, a section of participants will be given a placebo drug so that scientists can compare the results between the real medication and a non-active pill. Those who participate in these studies do not usually know whether they have been allocated the active or non-active medicationor not.

However, in this study, patients with chronic back pain knew they were taking a placebo. On average, this group reported a thirty per cent pain reduction after a three-week course compared to a nine to sixteen per cent reduction among those who were taking active pain medication.

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Brain Power

Ted Kaptchuk, the study author,said that the results of the research showed that, while back pain is a very real condition, individuals have the brain power to relieve more discomfort than they realise. He added, “You’re never going to shrink a tumour or unclog an artery with placebo intervention. It’s not a cure-all, but it makes people feel better, for sure. Our lab is saying you can’t throw the placebo into the trash can. It has clinical meaning, it’s statistically significant, and it relieves patients. It’s essential to what medicine means.”

Claudia Carvalho, who co-authored the study, said that it is important for patients to feel cared for, and added, “Taking placebo pills to relieve symptoms without a warm and empathic relationship with a healthcare provider relationship probably would not work.”

A Comfortable Bed

While medication and placebo pills obviously help with back pain, a good comfortable bed can also work wonders. Here at Beds Glasgow, we have a superb range of beds and mattresses made to provide the ultimate comfort every single night.

Check out our fabulous range of mattresses, which includes orthopaedic options and memory foam for added comfort.


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11 Nov

Popular Bed Makers Use Rare Breed of Sheep to Make Limited Edition Mattress

Popular Bed Makers Use Rare Breed of Sheep to Make Limited Edition Mattress

Here at Beds Glasgow, we know exactly what it takes to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. We have a broad range of comfortable and reliable mattresses designed so that once you lay down on one, you will not want to get back up! However, bed makers are constantly on the lookout for new ideas to improve the quality of their beds and mattresses. Bed maker Harrison Spinks’decision to add a rare breed of sheep to its flock,the wool of which is planned to be used in a potential limited edition mattress, is something making the news recently.

Natural and Sustainable Materials

Already present on Harrison Spinks’ farm is the Suffolk, Zwartble and Texel flocks, which are now being joined by a flock of twenty-three Wensleydale sheep. The bed makers will make good use out of this rare breeds wool as a filling for their luxury new limited edition mattresses.

Wensleydale sheep have been rapidly decreasing in number over the past years, so Harrison Spinks is planning to promote the resourcefulness of the wool from the Wensleydale breed as a type of conservation measure. The company is dedicated to using natural and sustainable materials such as the Wensleydale sheep’s woolto provide top-quality mattresses.

Championing Local Heritage

MD of Harrison Spinks’ components divisionRichard Essery has commented on the use of the Wensleydale breeds wool. He said, “As a Yorkshire-based company, we feel passionate about championing our local heritage, and what better way to do that than by using our own pedigree flock of Wensleydale sheep’s wool, as fillings for our mattresses. As well as protecting a rare and beautiful breed, the long fleece of the Wensleydale sheep will be perfect for creating a luxurious mattress filling and will likely form part of a limited edition bed for one of our brands.”

Versatile Wool

We don’t know when, or if, the limited edition Harrison Spinks mattress will be ready for sale to the public, but if it does make it then we are sure that this versatile wool will make for an incredibly comfortable sleep. However, if you are in the market for a comfortable mattress right now, check out Beds Glasgow We have a huge range of extremely comfortable beds and mattresses to suit all budgets.


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10 Nov

Survey Reveals Many Scottish Couples Sleep Apart

Survey Reveals Many Scottish Couples Sleep Apart

While most couples enjoy cuddling up in their double or king-size bed, a new survey has found that one in ten people in Scotland find themselves turfed out of their comfy bed to the spare room at least once every month.

Separate Beds

The survey, conducted by DistinctiveChesterfields.com, found that while Scottish people often sleep apart, inhabitants of Yorkshire are the most likely to sleep in separate beds to their partner. In fact, of those questioned, fourteen per cent admitted to sleeping apart in that county.

Back up on this side of the border, the reasons given by Scots for sleeping apart was being unable to sleep due to their partner’s loud snoring, or arguments that caused one person to head to the spare room. When you consider the fact that Scottish couples argue at least once every week, there is definitely a need for more than one bed in the house! A fifth of couples actually admitted to sleeping separately for at least two days after an argument.


Those over the age of fifty-five were more likely to sleep apart for longer, with one-in-six spending three nights apart. Those in the 18-24 age bracket tended to make up before they headed to bed. Reasons for arguments included tidiness of the house, money, driving, and family members. It was revealed that when it came to the tidiness of the house, Scottish couples argued the most.

When looking for an alternative bed for the night, most people headed for the spare room;however, this was closely followed by the sofa. Although this may be hard to believe, a staggering 7.5 per cent admitted to sleeping in the bath!

Comfortable Beds

If you are regularly banished to the spare room because of your partner’s snoring or an argument over how tidy the house is, you should consider one of our many comfortable beds. We have a huge range of affordable beds and mattresses in a variety of styles and sizes. Next time you find yourself in need of another place to bed down for the night, at least you know you will get a good night’s sleep.


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