24 Jan

Great News for Sleep Lovers

There really is no better feeling than jumping into bed after a long day, is there? Here at Beds Glasgow, we offer a huge selection of mattresses ranging from orthopaedic to memory foam to ensure that you get that added comfort. Those on the lookout for a new mattress will be interested in learning that one of the UK’s and one of Ireland’s top manufacturers are joining forces to create an amazing collection.

Great News for Sleep Lovers

Premium Features

Great news for sleep lovers as the leading UK bed manufacturer Duvalay has managed to form a partnership with one of Ireland’s largest furniture distributors, TCS Imports, to support the much-anticipated launch of the Hilary Devey Collection in Ireland. Consumers are currently able to purchase one of the top three premium mattresses from the Hilary Devey Collection: Diamond, Diamond-Luxe and Emerald.

The managing director of TCS Imports, Thomas Small, said, “The Hilary Devey Collection provides our retail network with the highest quality of mattresses. With each one being made byhand, it provides a wealth of premium features that consumers are often looking for, including hand side-stitched borders and hand-tufting. It also appeals to the wider market thanks to its feminine touches and celebrity-led brand but is backed up by quality.”

Natural Fit

“TCS Imports is a natural fit for the Hilary Devey Collection as they have a vast understanding of both the furniture retail market and the bed industry. As one of the largest distributors in Ireland, TCS Imports are able to support our ambitious growth plans for the Hilary Devey Collection, and the partnership will allow us to significantly grow our presence in Ireland,” added Tom Colleran, sales manager at Duvalay.

Help and Support

If you are thinking of purchasing a new mattress right now to ensure maximum comfort, then contact us here at Beds Glasgow. Our customers are at the heart of our company, and we aim to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. We have a fantastic range of mattresses and beds to suit the requirements of even the fussiest sleeper. If you require further information or have any queries on our mattresses or beds, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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09 Jan

Promising Signs of Steady Growth for UK Bed Sector in 2017

A good night’s sleep is important to everyone, which is why we provide such a fantastic range of top-quality mattresses and beds here at Beds Glasgow. But the thought of shopping for beds and mattresses can often be a quite daunting prospect for many; however, we ensure that your buying experience is as positive as possible. And with news that the UK bed sector is showing positive signs of growth for 2017, this is excellent news for those looking to purchase a bed anytime soon.

Promising Signs of Steady Growth for UK Bed Sector in 2017

Promising Indications

Recent figures have shown promising signs of ‘steady’ growth as imports are set to increase market share. The data, which was compiled by AMA Research, revealed that the UK upholstered furniture and beds market rose by around 3-4 per centeach year until 2015 and is expected to increase by another three per cent in 2016.

Noticeable Increase

The beds sector had seen a noticeable increase in double and king-size beds due to competition in the market while mattress sales have seen growth in pocket sprung models along with other materials such as memory foam. The beds sector has also seen growth from those businessesusing internet-onlysales.

Research manager at AMA Research, Hayley Thornley, said, “The popularity of modern and contemporary furniture seems to favour alternative furniture combinations, rather than the traditional 3-piece suites. Other trends include flexible and modular furniture options to allow for open plan living areas and awkward spaces. This is also reflected in the range of design options now offered, including corner sofas, u-shaped sofas and chaise sofas.”

Reliable Supplier

If you are thinking of purchasing a new bed or mattress, contact us here at Beds Glasgow. We stock a fantastic array of mattresses and beds to suit the requirements of even the fussiest sleeper! We pride ourselves on our competitive prices and top quality customer service, so you will always be sure of complete satisfaction when you buy from us. If you require any further information, visit our website or call us today.


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08 Jan

Dumped Mattresses Causing Issues for Woodland Trust

Purchasing a new mattress is all fun and games until it comes to getting rid of the old one. Many people are unsure of how to dispose of these correctly;unfortunately, many have taken to dumping them in nearby woodland, which is causing huge issues for the Woodland Trust. They spend thousands of pounds clearing these dumped mattresses every year. Here at Beds Glasgow, we know that disposing of a mattress can be a headache, but we would never recommend dumping your old mattress in this way; in fact, we vehemently condemn this practice. If you need any advice on mattress disposal after purchasing a new one, then please, do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

Dumped Mattresses Causing Issues for Woodland Trust

Worst Year to Date

The Woodland Trust has reported that 2016 was its worst year to date for fly-tipping, with nearly 200 separate incidents of rubbish being left on its land. The charity has spent a whopping £42,596 on the cleaning and disposal of items that had been dumped; this increased the total costs for dealing with waste in the woodlands to approximately £354,000 in 2016 alone. The figure for 2016 was up almost 85 per cent on the numbers from 2015. One of the most common items being dumped are, you guessed it – old mattresses.


Woodland Trust UK operations director, Norman Starks, explained, “It’s worrying to see in a world where our woods face constant threats from disease, pests and development that we also have to deal with the actions of mindless individuals. Each year we are spending thousands of pounds clearing up other people’s waste, which could otherwise go towards creating new woods or protecting ancient woodland. At the end of the day, fly-tipping is an illegal activity, and people need to understand and remember that it has numerous implications for our woods and wildlife. We all need to care for our natural environment or risk ruining it forever.”

Contact Us

If you are looking for a new mattress, contact us here at Beds Glasgow; we have a large selection of beds and mattresses that can be delivered to you on the same day you order it! We can offer advice on how to dispose of your old mattress safely and responsibly as well. If you require any further information on our stunning range of beds and mattresses, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as possible.


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07 Jan

New Link Between Back Pain and Falling in Older Men

Back pain is something that affects millions of people around the world at one time or another, and it can be extremely uncomfortable. And many of these individuals would do anything to rid themselves of the pain and ensure that they can lead a happy, comfortable life without it. This is why many look at orthopaedic and memory foam mattresses when it comes time to purchase a new one.

New Link Between Back Pain and Falling in Older Men

Risk Factor

According to recent studies, back pain is the most commonly found pain in older men; this could mean that these men are at greater risk of falling and injuring themselves. Lead author and associate professor at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Lynn Marshall, explained, “We know that older people with back pain have poor physical function, like lower strength and difficulty rising from a chair.”

She went on, “Pain is not thought of as a traditional fall risk factor, but our study showed that back pain is a risk factor for falls among older men.”


The report studied approximately 6,000 males over the age of 65 who lived at home. Between the years 2000 and 2002, these men were surveyed about back pain and were asked if they had had this problem over the previous twelve months; if so, they were asked how severe and intense the pain was, how often did it occur and where in the back was the pain. Over the next year, the men were tasked with logging whether they had fallen and how many times. Over two-thirds of the men revealed that they suffered from back pain in the original survey, with 62 per cent experiencing lower back pain. During the next year, 1,388 of the almost-6,000 men said that they had fallen at least once while 632 men had fallen on more than one occasion.

It is often the case that back pain can be the result of a poor mattress. If you are experiencing back pain and believe a new bed or mattress could be the solution, then Beds Glasgow can help. We have a fantastic range of products to suit the needs of anyone, including orthopaedic and memory foam mattresses. Check out our fabulous range today.


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