20 Feb

Cheaper Mattresses Found to be Just as Good Quality as Expensive Ones

Many people assume that you must splash out on an expensive mattress to get a good night’s sleep; however, consumer organisation CHOICE Australia has found that this may not be the case after all. They tested five latex and foam mattressesalong with a traditional mattress and discovered that one of the cheaper models at $699 was just as effective as a more expensive one priced at $3,199. This information will be well received by those looking to spend less for the same quality of sleep.

Cheaper Mattresses Found to be Just as Good Quality as Expensive Ones

Unfair Sales Tactics

The organisation explained, “You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good night’s sleep. This review proves bed-in-a-box mattresses – a category where brands offer one type of mattress, no cost trial periods and warranties up to fifteen years – are good value for money at $1,000.” The CHOICE report believes that some retailers are using ‘unfair sales tactics’ such as giving the products different names and making small changes to them such as changing fibres in the padding; this hard-sell put‘pressure’on customers, which can result in them paying excessive amounts.

“We foundthat a $1,000 mattress can be as comfortable over its lifetime as one priced at $3,000,” they said. However, they did add that ‘beds are incredibly subjective’.

Fantastic Selection

If you are looking to get a good night’s sleep without having to pay over the odds, then contact us here at Beds Glasgow. We offer a fantastic selection of mattresses ranging from orthopaedic to memory foam. And we have prices to suit all budgets. If you would like more information on any of our products, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We would be more than happy to assist you in any way we can.


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18 Feb

How Your Mobile Phone Can Ruin Your New Bed

You’ve invested in a brand-new bed after coming to the realisation you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a long time. Your decision might be a very good one, especially if your old bed was worn out. The thing you don’t want to do is ruin your new bed by doing other things that prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Enter the mobile phone.

How Your Mobile Phone Can Ruin Your New Bed

The mobile phone has become an integral part of modern life. That’s all well and good, but mobile phones can prevent people from sleeping well. According to the experts, there are three things to be concerned about:

1. Blue Light from Electronic Devices

Electronic device screens emit a certain kind of blue light that interrupts sleep. This blue light affects the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps to regulate sleep patterns. Less melatonin means more difficulty sleeping. Therefore, if you’re using your mobile phone within the last 30 minutes before going to bed, you are making it harder to fall asleep.

2. Increased Brain Activity

Playing a quick game or answering e-mail just before bed gets the brain working again. Even if you spent the last few hours winding down, just a few minutes of activity on your phone could once again raise your level of alertness to where it was earlier in the day. Not only will you have trouble falling asleep but you may have trouble staying asleep.

3. Overnight Interruptions

Lastly, even if you put down your phone an hour before bed, it could still be ruining your sleep. Mobile phones are notorious for waking us up in the middle of thenight by way of endless notifications. If you do keep your mobile phone next to your bed, do yourself a favour and turn off notifications.

If you have recently put money into a new bed in order to get a good night’s sleep, good for you. Now learn what steps you can take to prevent your mobile phone from ruining the benefits of that new bed.


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09 Feb

Avoid Cold Sheets by Hiring a Pro Bed Warmer

Some six or seven years ago, select hotel chains in the UK began offering human bed warming services to clients willing to pay to have a warm bed to climb into. We’re not sure how well it was received, or even if the hotels still offer the service, but we do know a young Russian entrepreneur has become that country’s first professional bed warmer.

Avoid Cold Sheets by Hiring a Pro Bed Warmer

Human bed warmer Viktoria Ivachyova is an enterprising 21-year-old who charges £65 per night or £1,350 per month to warm client bedsheets and leave behind which she calls ‘positive energy’ to help encourage restful sleep. She visits the client’s home to lay the bed for an hour so that it is toasty warm when the occupant or occupants are ready for sleep. As you might expect, Viktoria does not allow any physical contact.

She does carry a personal alarm that can immediately contact a security team in case she gets into trouble. She also brings her own pyjamas and, according to her own words, is a great listener. Clients are more than welcome to sit and talk with her while she warms the bed.

Customers are already lining up to hire Viktoria despite her service potentially being perceived as costly. She told the Mirror that she is already looking to hire more women to help her meet demand.

A Great Way to Sell Beds

So there you have it. If you live anywhere within Viktoria’s service area, you never have to climb into a cold bed again. Just hire her to come in and warm things up for you. If her idea takes off on a large scale, the future might be one of bed and mattress retailers offering free or reduced cost bed warming for new customers. Wouldn’t that be an interesting selling point?

Beds Glasgow can’t offer you human bed warming service, at least for now. But we do have one of the best selections of beds and mattresses online. We invite you to browse our inventory for your next bed and mattress set.


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03 Feb

Countering Back Pain with a New Mattress

There is nothing worse than suffering from back pain; in some cases, it can get to the point where the affected individual considers extreme measures to numb the pain. Paul Davis suffered chronic back pain that left him so sore that he went to extreme measures to try to alleviate it; he decided that the only way to stop feeling the pain would be to shoot himself in the back! But instead of receiving help, he was handed a three-year jail term instead.

Countering Back Pain with a New Mattress

Extreme Back Pain

Forty-four-year-old Paul Davis from Sidcup in Kentwas suffering from such severe back pain that he thought the only option was to shoot himself in the back to try to paralyse himself to numb the pain. In April, he was found on his sofa after the second attempt at shooting himself did not work as the weapon had jammed. All he managed to do is make the back pain even worse than before because of the gunshot wound; as you might imagine, he is seriously struggling now.

Unusual and Tragic

Bizarrely, instead of receiving help for his problem, Davis was sentenced to three years in prison for possession of a firearm. Mr Justice Haddon-Cave told London’s Appeal Court, “The reasons for him shooting himself were extremely unusual and tragic. Remarkably, he decided to shoot himself in the spine to paralyse himself and try to stop that pain. He fetched the gun, shot himself in the lower back, and then tried to reload for a second shot, but the gun jammed. But the injury appears only to have caused more nerve damage and to have exacerbated his condition.”

Mr Davis’ barrister pleaded with the judges to ‘show mercy’ and insisted that her client was ‘in despair’ at the time of the shooting. The judge quashed the three-year jail term and instead imposed a two-year suspended sentence, adding, “This is a wholly exceptional and tragic case, which calls for mercy.”

Further Information

If you are suffering from back pain that is becoming a nuisance, contact us here at Beds Glasgow. We have a fantastic selection of beds and mattresses to suit the needs of even the fussiest sleeper. Popular among those with back pain is our memory foam mattress for that added extra comfort. For any further information, contact us today.


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