21 Mar

Be Alert To The Danger Of Narcolepsy

Have you ever fallen asleep unexpectedly or at the wrong time? One minute you were wide awake, the next you are dropping off, and it can happen at the most inopportune moment. Spending time with family? Running for the bus? In the middle of that important business meeting? There seems to be no way of knowing when or where, and it feels like it can strike without warning. It can be embarrassing and have a profound effect on your life. You may fall asleep suddenly and lose control which can be frightening, but what can be the reason? Could it be possible you may be suffering from the condition known as narcolepsy?


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It is a name seldom heard, but how much do you really know about it? The first thing to remember is, although there is no medical remedy for narcolepsy, there are steps you can take to prepare yourself, heighten your awareness and decrease the symptoms.

You should also be aware that narcolepsy is an acute neurological disorder impacting the portion of the human brain controlling sleep. The condition can make you sleep for long hours during the day and experience what is called cataplexy; where you lose muscle control all of a sudden. You may fall asleep for only a matter of seconds, it can still be frightening and potentially hazardous. What if it should occur when you are driving or at work? There are also physical and psychological ramifications to consider, as well as how it effects your day to day life?

You could harm yourself while cooking, cleaning the home or even out walking. Narcolepsy can cause confusion, concentration and memory problems, as well as affecting you emotionally. It is not uncommon for sufferers to experience mental health issues, anxiety and depression. It can even impact your home life and personal relationships.

People may experience a wide variety of symptoms of narcolepsy, which may differ depending on the individual, many suffer from abnormal REM sleep and excessive daytime sleepiness. These may be along with possibly suffering hallucinations, sleep paralysis, sleepless nights; often with heightened alertness, increased heart rate and hot flushes, amongst other side effects.

Narcolepsy can indeed be a very deliberating condition and research has been carried out to try and determine the actual cause. Many believe it may be linked to genetics or possibly connected to some sort of virus or illness which could have altered a person’s brain chemistry, resulting in narcolepsy. Some say your emotional state may play a part in when you experience an episode.

Experts have noted that individuals suffering from narcolepsy may be deprived of a chemical in the brain which regulates sleep called Hypocretin, otherwise referred to as orexin.

They may be lacking in the neurons that produce hypocretin, known as Hcrt cells, which can affect control alertness and cause you to fall asleep unexpectedly. However, the science community is working on a way to increase hypocretin levels artificially, to counteract the effects of narcolepsy.

It is widely felt changes in your lifestyle, undergoing counselling and self-help can help you deal with the symptoms of narcolepsy. However, in many cases, those suffering from narcolepsy are reluctant to go to the doctor. They may experience only the one symptom, daytime sleepiness, which they may not attribute to narcolepsy but to other disorders or medical complaint, like epilepsy. Some people may also put their tiredness down to emotional problems such as depression or a medical complaint. However, if you suspect you may be suffering from narcolepsy, you should consult your GP and tell him or her all about your symptoms.

Narcolepsy can be difficult to diagnose sometimes, but by knowing the facts, it could put you on the path to managing your condition and live a full life.

16 Mar

Find the Perfect Children’s Bed For Sale From Beds Glasgow

Remember when you were growing up ad your bedroom was your whole world? A special place where you could escape and spend some time alone. Listening to music, talking with friends or watching TV in a room with posters of your favourite pop star on the wall as you lounged around on your bed.


If you now have kids of your own, you will know that, the choice of bed is important to them. We at Beds Glasgow understand buying the right Children’s bed can brighten a youngster room as well as possibly reflecting their personality. That is not to mention being a lot of fun, and we have a wide range to choose from.

There is the super cool Speeder Bed Frame, made to resemble a sleek racing car for the fan of formula one. It is finished in a thrilling gloss red lacquer and is designed to fit a mattress measuring 90 x 190cm. The mattress is not included, and the base will be delivered between 14 to 21 days.

Lovers of motor racing could also cruise around or lay about on a beautiful blue Racer Bed frame. Another amazing bed product in an exhilarating sports car design. It comes in an eye-catching high gloss lacquer and graphic detailing. As well as boasting 3D wheels with impeccable finishing and front spoiler, to make your child feel as if they were behind the wheel at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Furthermore, Beds Glasgow has the one of a kind London Bunk Bed in stock. You will feel as if you are taking a ride on public transport through the capital, taking in the sights of Big Ben or Westminster in your bright red bunk beds.

These are just a few of the incredible Children’s Beds you could pick up at a competitive price from Beds Glasgow. This is the place to find the perfect bed product to brighten any room, which could be the source of many happy memories for years to come. Who knows?

02 Mar

Got Something To Say? Why Do We Talk In Our Sleep?

Have you turned in the middle of the night to hear your partner give a running commentary in their sleep? Do you think they are talking to you, but they are actually in dreamland? They may be exhibiting signs of what is called somniloquy, or more commonly known as sleep talking.

Talk In Our Sleep

One out of a hundred adults in the UK talk in their sleep. Some of what they say can be complete nonsense, while others believe when your loved one speak out while counting zees, they may be offering you an insight into their private thoughts, or the secrets which reside in their subconscious. Sleep talking can often be funny, entertaining and even a little eye-opening sometimes, but what does it really mean?

The National Sleep Foundation, as you would imagine, has greatly researched the subject and has gathered there are a variety of explanations why someone may sleep talk. Some of which may not be cause for levity. Studies suggest it may be linked to stress or psychological problems like stress, depression, substance abuse or being sleep deprived, amongst other reasons.

There is also a chance you may talk in your sleep if you have nightmares or suffer from sleep disorders related to REM sleep or sleep apnoea. Many people believe sleep talking may be genetic and passed down the family.

However, if you are concerned about what you say in your sleep, experts say you don’t have to worry. Experts believe what you talk about while unconscious doesn’t mean anything, and you shouldn’t pay any attention to it.

Sleep talking is not serious, and you shouldn’t worry about it. However, if you would like to rectify the situation, and stop giving your partner something to laugh at, then there are steps you can take to reduce the chances of somniloquy.

You can decrease your emotional stress and do more exercise in the daytime. It can tire you out so you can get a better rest at night. However, exercising before bedtime will keep you awake. It is also recommended you do not have a big meal, drink caffeine or alcohol before you go to bed.

For many people though, the best remedy for sleep talking is to get a proper night’s rest and develop a regular sleeping pattern. This can be achieved by buying the most comfortable bed or mattress set from Beds Glasgow. We have a remarkable selection to choose from, where you can find the ideal bed product to meet your needs. Come and see for yourself why everybody’s talking about Beds Glasgow. Let’s just hope it’s not in the middle of the night.

Source: Mirror.co.uk