16 May

Do You Live In The Most Sleep-Deprived City In Britain?

Are you having trouble sleeping, and considered it could have something to do with where you live? It may not be such a crazy idea, especially after a recent survey has named the most sleep-deprived cities in the UK. Could your neck of the woods be one of the worst places for catching some zees?

sleep deprivation

According to the research, if you live in Glasgow, you are Number One with a bullet, where residents can only manage an average of three hours and 49 minutes a night. This is despite the fact the NHS recommends you should have around eight hours sleep every evening for a full, healthy life.

However, many cities achieve nowhere near. As a matter of fact, those mentioned amongst the most sleep deprived in the country only achieve half as much.

Studies say the people of Manchester sleep an average of four hours and five minutes a night. Birmingham is one of the most restless cities in the UK, where folk manage four hours and ten minutes. The populace of Nottingham sleeps around four and a quarter hour while Southampton residents rest four hours and twenty minutes.

However, even some parts of the country said to be at the other end of the sleep spectrum do not achieve the full eight hours. For instance, the people of Bristol have been called the soundest sleepers in the UK, but they only sleep five and a quarter hours.

There are other busting major cities which have surprisingly low rates of sleep deprivation. Who could have predicted cities that never sleep like London, Newcastle, and Liverpool, as well as the Scottish capital Edinburgh, could have healthy sleep patterns? However, on the other hand, it only stands to reason a fast-moving city like Glasgow would have an issue with sleep deprivation.

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07 May

Former Snooker Champ Facing New Battle Over Insomnia

How many times have you had trouble sleeping and had to go to work the next day? Did you feel like it affected your performance? Were you walking around in a daze and couldn’t keep your mind on your job? If you are experiencing sleeping problems, it can impact how you function, whichever the activity. It can also affect people from all walks of life, be they businessmen, workers or celebrities.

Snooker player Graeme Dott

One person in the public eye who has spoken about their issues with insomnia is the Snooker player Graeme Dott. The former world champion from Larkhall in Lanarkshire has disclosed how he sought professional help. Mr Dott, 41 years old, has attended a sleep clinic to try and conquer his long-term sleep problems. It is a chronic, crippling condition which the ex-champ feels has disrupted his career. This comes after Dott was surprisingly knocked out in the first round of the World Championships at the Crucible in Sheffield. A shock defeat which many put down to lack of sleep. However, Dott has vowed not to let his affliction get the best of him and is resolved to make a comeback.

The 2006 champion, now ranked No 21 in the world, has revealed he has been living with his disorder for eight years. Dott has stated that, while in the throes of his condition, he has been known to wake up 20 times and may only manage two hours of sleep a night. He even struggles to take a nap and never achieves deep sleep, waking up just before he reaches that point. This leaves him feeling exhausted the next day, which can affect his concentration. An important part of any snooker players game, which can be sorely affected if you do not have a good night’s rest.

Graeme Dott is dedicated to bouncing back from his defeat at the Crucible and battling his sleep disorder head-on. If you are also living with insomnia, you too can fight like a champion and turn your life around. The first step can be buying the right bed and mattress set. We have a varied selection of comfortable, luxury bed products to help you overcome your sleep problems. Why don’t you come and see?

01 May

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