02 Sep

What Is Sleepwalking?

Have you ever found yourself traipsing through the house in the middle of the night, with no memory of what you were doing or how you got there? It is possible you may have been one of the millions of people around the world partial to sleepwalking. A very common condition, but how much do we know about it?

Sleepwalking, often otherwise referred to as noctambulism or somnambulism is a type of sleep disorder from the parasomnia family. A state where a person carries out tasks while being asleep and not completely awake at the same time.

What Is Sleepwalking

If you are among the scores of people in the UK who sleepwalk, it usually takes place during deep sleep, while experiencing low consciousness. Generally, you will sleepwalk through the slow-wave sleep stage of non-rapid eye movement sleep, also known as NREM.

You will reach your peak at the beginning of the night, where you may start sleepwalking in the first few hours after falling asleep. This is when you can perform everyday activities when asleep which you would usually do when awake. Ranging from talking out loud, to sitting up in bed or walking around the house, from going to the bathroom to wandering about in the dark.

Furthermore, you could reportedly carry out more complex tasks when sleepwalking, from cooking to reaching for imaginary items and even getting in the car and trying to drive, amongst other instances. However, in many cases, you will only sleepwalk once a night, where it may last from 30 seconds to less than ten minutes or occasionally longer, and you may not remember what you did.

Your eyes may be open, and you could have a glazed, blank look, which can be disconcerting. Sleepwalking can impact your special awareness and knowledge of your environment, as well as your judgement and problem-solving capability, which could have potentially harmful consequences. It is not uncommon for people to suffer falls, or cuts and bruises when they have been waking in their sleep, so you should watch out.

People of all ages can experience sleepwalking, but the majority of cases are found in children, where 20% of youngsters in the UK will sleepwalk on at least one occasion in their life. The majority will stop sleepwalking when they get to puberty, but it can often continue when they grow up.

However, it is not known what exactly causes sleepwalking, although some suggest it runs in families. Many believe you may have a greater chance of sleepwalking if you have an irregular sleep pattern or are woken abruptly from a deep sleep, often by a loud noise. Children may be prone to sleepwalking if they are suffering from a fever, or if they are afflicted with another sleep disorder such as restless leg syndrome. There have also been instances of people living with anxiety and depression, as well as grown-ups abusing drugs, alcohol or prescription medication like sedatives, to sleepwalk.

It is a state which affects all age groups across the UK. Many do not fully appreciate how much of an inconvenience it can be, but if you tend to sleepwalk, you can avoid mishap or injury with the help of family and friends. They can keep a close eye on you while you sleepwalk to prevent any accidents, which could see you through your night-time excursions in safety.

27 Aug

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21 Aug

Millions Live With Restless Leg Syndrome Every Year

It is a condition affecting millions of people around the world, causing an almost uncontrollable desire to move one’s legs, usually at night-time. The condition of the nervous system is sometimes referred to as Willis-Ekbom disease, but it is more commonly known as Restless legs syndrome.

Those living with the ailment experience a disagreeable creeping or crawling feeling in their thighs, calves and feet, as well as the arms sometimes. It can be felt during the day, but it is especially intense in the evening and at night-time.

Millions Live With Restless Leg Syndrome Every Year

The condition is linked to the spontaneous, involuntary jolting of the arms and legs, referred to as PLMS or periodic limb movements in sleep. Many show the signs of restless legs syndrome at regular intervals, every now and again, while others feel the symptoms daily, ranging from the minor to the severe.

However, when it comes to finding the cause of restless legs syndrome, it may not be obviously apparent. In most cases, the condition referred to as primary or idiopathic restless legs syndrome can be hereditary.

Many specialists in the field of neurology attribute the symptoms to how the body manages the chemical called dopamine, which controls the movement of muscles and may bring on involuntary leg movements synonymous with the condition.

Some instances referred to as secondary restless legs syndrome may be linked to an ongoing, underlying health issue like kidney failure or iron deficiency anaemia. There is also often a coalition between restless legs syndrome and pregnancy, where around 20% of pregnant women will exhibit the signs in the final three months of their term, although the symptoms normally recede when the baby arrives. Women, in general, are invariably more prone to restless leg syndrome than men. Most cases affect people in middle-age, but it can affect any age group.

If your case of restless leg syndrome is linked to an underlying health illness, you could eradicate the symptoms by treating the condition. However, if your symptoms are not connected to any underlying problem then, you could alleviate the signs of restless leg syndrome by changing your lifestyle somewhat. Ranging from improving your sleep habits to giving up smoking and getting more exercise.

However, if your symptoms are more intense, they may require treatment, to control your dopamine and iron levels, to counteract the effects of iron deficiency anaemia. Be assured restless legs syndrome is not a life-threatening condition. However, in certain cases, it can cause great pain and discomfort in a person’s everyday life, leading to physical or psychological issues such as restlessness, insomnia, depression and anxiety.

These are just a few of the hardships people living with restless leg syndrome may face on a day to day basis. However, there are steps you can take to try and countermand the symptoms, from making lifestyle changes to seeing a doctor and receiving treatment. It may feel as if you may be afflicted with the condition forever sometimes, but It is possible to defeat restless leg syndrome. So, do not give up hope.

14 Aug

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01 Aug

New Research Links Dementia With Poor Sleep

For many years scientists have wondered if there is a connection between sleep and dementia, and now researchers at the University of East Anglia have set up a special sleep unit to explore the possibility.

There are over three quarter of a million people living with dementia in the United Kingdom and that figure is set to rise by over a million in six years. It is not uncommon for people suffering from dementia to experience disturbed sleep. However, scientists at UAE’s School of Health Sciences are working to discover if Alzheimer’s may bring on restless sleep or, on the other hand, if insomnia is an early sign of the condition.

New Research Links Dementia With Poor Sleep

Initially, the sleep unit will explore if healthy individuals with a greater risk of Alzheimer’s may be more prone to disrupted sleep and how it impacts their body clock.

Experts believe poor sleeping habits may be an indicator of Alzheimer’s as well as other brain disorders. All in all, you need a restful sleep for good overall brain health, affecting such areas as cognition, memory and concentration. The aim of the study is to determine if the disease affects how much you sleep or is lack of sleep contributing to the illness.

In the course of the trial, subjects volunteering for the study will spend the night in a sleep unit fashioned like a hotel room with its own bathroom. They will be supervised by sleep experts, where sensors will monitor their brain activity. Scientists will also test their cognition, balance, attention and co-ordination during their stay at the unit.

Subjects will have undergone screening, encompassing psychological and genetic tests. Volunteers will be asked to keep a sleep diary and wear a device on their wrist, monitoring how much sleep activity they get at home.

They will then engage in ongoing lab sessions over three nights which may include taking various short naps or staying awake for the whole night once, to assess how they respond to sleep deprivation.

According to researchers, the lab sessions will help scientists get a better understanding of how sleep and the body clock may be connected to the genetic possibility of Alzheimer’s.
They feel their findings may be useful in developing other studies which could be used in the fight against the disease, affecting thousands of people across the country.

16 Jul

Feel Like A Champion Check Out The Word Of Bed Frames Available

Last summer football fans were caught up in the excitement of the FIFA World Cup in Russia. The final in Moscow saw France beating Croatia 4-2 and now, following on from the men’s tournament, the world champions are now hosting the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Madrid Bed Frame

24 nations from 6 confederations are competing, with the final taking place at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais, in Lyon on the 7th of July.

The 2019 Women’s World Cup brings the world together in a celebration of skill. We at Beds Glasgow have an array of beautiful bed frames and mattresses, bearing the names of cities from across the globe. If you wish to sample the finest bed products in an international style, then you have come to the right place.

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12 Jul

How To Get A Good Nights Sleep While Suffering From Hay Fever?

We are now in the middle of summer (apparently), the time of year when the temperature rises (reportedly) and people are enjoying the sunshine (hopefully). However, for millions across the country, the rise in the mercury is nothing to laugh about. Especially if you suffer from hay fever, where the warmer temperature can be a source of great discomfort, instead of all fun and games.

How To Get A Good Nights Sleep While Suffering From Hay Fever

The fact is hay fever, the most widespread allergy affecting grown-ups in the UK, can impact your life in various ways, morning, noon and night; especially considering how the condition can upset your sleeping habits. Sources say more than 50% of adult males and females struggling with an allergy like hay fever find it hard to get to sleep at night. This can affect your energy levels during the day, bring on exhaustion and diminish your cognitive abilities. Lack of sleep can also lead to stress and anxiety and contribute to depression.

However, there are steps you can take to get better sleep during hay fever season. These can involve subtle alterations in your bedtime routine which could make all the difference. For instance, it may seem fundamental, but it is recommended you try changing and washing your sheets more often. Most people only wash their bed sheets once a fortnight, but experts believe this may not be enough to eradicate the signs of allergens. If you wish to keep your sheets clear of dust or pollen, you should try cleaning them every week at a high temperature, just to be sure.

Many also feel the mattress you sleep in can play a pivotal role in alleviating the symptoms of hay fever. A conventional mattress can house literally thousands of dust mites which could aggravate allergies. However, by purchasing a high-quality mattress, you can decrease the chances of being plagued by the mites and particles, which could bring on your hay fever.

Beds Glasgow stocks the finest quality mattresses at a knockdown price. If you are looking for the perfect night sleep, we offer the widest selection of bed products, all the year round. Whichever the season, you can find the most comfortable mattress online, or in store, from Beds Glasgow.

01 Jul

Is Social Media Keeping Your Kids Awake?

It has always been a struggle for parents to try and get their kids to go to bed at night. They always want to stay up for “just another five minutes” and it my seem like a constant battle to get them to turn in. Especially in this day and age, where every teenager has got a mobile phone, iPhone or iPad, where they can listen to music or watch a movie or a tv show, keeping them awake at night, which seems to be an ever-growing problem.

Is Social Media Keeping Your Kids Awake

As a matter of fact, according to new research, more and more children in this country are afflicted with sleeping disorders. Many are putting the blame on using social media and watching digital devices at night-time.

The UK has seen a significant rise in the percentage of young people being admitted to hospital, suffering from sleep disorders, since 2013. Cases of children under 16 being diagnosed increased from around six and a half thousand six years ago to almost nine and a half thousand in 2018.

Many experts accept gazing at a blue screen in the dark can disrupt a child’s sleeping pattern. Some feel if young people are staying awake at night chatting with friends over social media or streaming a film when they have to get up early the next morning, it could lead to an ongoing problem, which may result in a long-term sleep disorder.

However, some experts wonder if the answer may lie in enforcing strict rules at bedtime, highlighting the importance of establishing a good sleep routine.

One of the first steps is to give children some time to unwind before going to bed. Some recommend young people cutting down how much they use their mobile prior to turning in, which could help them get a good night’s rest. Many say it is just a little change in their day to day habits, which may be the secret to a better sleep.

25 Jun

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It may be hard to believe but Easter is just around the corner. The holiday falls this year on the third week of April, Sunday the 21st. If you are looking for a novel way to mark the occasion, how about treating yourself to a new addition to your bedroom. You can pick up the perfect piece of furniture by scrambling to our superstore near Glasgow city centre or checking us out online.

New Bed For Easter

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The base and mattress fit together perfectly without an overhang. The bed frame is available in a variety of sizes and comes with two or four drawer storage possibilities, giving you the capacity to remove any unwanted clutter from your room and securely put your clothes away.

Customers can also choose from such quality items as the marvellous Mezzo Ortho Divan set and the awesome Ortho Perfection Divan set. You can also purchase an Ortho-Firm mattress and the Capri Slidestore Divan set, amongst other fabulous bed products.

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13 Jun

Did Lack Of Sleep And Skipping Breakfast Cause Pilot To Pass Out At Controls?

There have been times when we may not have had enough sleep the previous evening or skipped breakfast before going to work in the morning. However, there are some professions where not getting the proper sleep, or reporting in an empty stomach, sapping you of energy, could have disastrous consequences.

The point was brought dramatically home recently when it was reported a trainee pilot in Australia had not slept the night before and had not had a proper breakfast, was unconscious for over half an hour, during a flight.

trainee pilot in Australia

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau, otherwise referred to as the ATSB, carried out a thorough investigation on the incident, involving a solo navigation flight departing from Parafield, near Adelaide to Port Augusta airport in South Australia.

The pilot had been flying for approximately 40 minutes, at a height of around 5,500ft, when he suffered a headache and turned on the autopilot. According to reports, just after relinquishing manual control of the aircraft, he suddenly fell unconscious. He was unable to receive calls from air traffic control, who tried many times to get in touch. In the end, the pilot had lost consciousness for a period of around 40 minutes.

Fortunately, the aircraft was seen by a passing plane flying over the sea close to Adelaide. The other plane noticed the pilot had woken up and provided his aircraft with an escort until it safely returned to Parafield, where he started from.

Afterwards, the investigation revealed the pilot had spoken the night before the flight about getting over a mild cold and having trouble sleeping.

It transpired that in the morning prior to taking off in Parafield, the pilot had not had any breakfast. The report also said that, during a stopover in Port Augusta, he had drunk some water, a bottle of Gatorade and ate a chocolate bar and that was all.

The incident has highlighted the risks of fatigue and lack of energy through missing food, leading the flight school training the pilot to make changes. The ATSB has stated that, before a flight, students have to say how long it has been since they last ate and what they had. They also must reveal how much they have slept in the past two days and if they have had a restless night prior to a flight.

There is no doubt being sleep deprived, or not eating properly, can affect how you do your job. It may not always have such potentially catastrophic consequences, but it can impact your concentration, drive and energy levels, affecting your performance. Therefore, it is important to get the best sleep possible to function at your full potential.

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