16 Mar

Find the Perfect Children’s Bed For Sale From Beds Glasgow

Remember when you were growing up ad your bedroom was your whole world? A special place where you could escape and spend some time alone. Listening to music, talking with friends or watching TV in a room with posters of your favourite pop star on the wall as you lounged around on your bed.


If you now have kids of your own, you will know that, the choice of bed is important to them. We at Beds Glasgow understand buying the right Children’s bed can brighten a youngster room as well as possibly reflecting their personality. That is not to mention being a lot of fun, and we have a wide range to choose from.

There is the super cool Speeder Bed Frame, made to resemble a sleek racing car for the fan of formula one. It is finished in a thrilling gloss red lacquer and is designed to fit a mattress measuring 90 x 190cm. The mattress is not included, and the base will be delivered between 14 to 21 days.

Lovers of motor racing could also cruise around or lay about on a beautiful blue Racer Bed frame. Another amazing bed product in an exhilarating sports car design. It comes in an eye-catching high gloss lacquer and graphic detailing. As well as boasting 3D wheels with impeccable finishing and front spoiler, to make your child feel as if they were behind the wheel at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Furthermore, Beds Glasgow has the one of a kind London Bunk Bed in stock. You will feel as if you are taking a ride on public transport through the capital, taking in the sights of Big Ben or Westminster in your bright red bunk beds.

These are just a few of the incredible Children’s Beds you could pick up at a competitive price from Beds Glasgow. This is the place to find the perfect bed product to brighten any room, which could be the source of many happy memories for years to come. Who knows?

02 Mar

Got Something To Say? Why Do We Talk In Our Sleep?

Have you turned in the middle of the night to hear your partner give a running commentary in their sleep? Do you think they are talking to you, but they are actually in dreamland? They may be exhibiting signs of what is called somniloquy, or more commonly known as sleep talking.

Talk In Our Sleep

One out of a hundred adults in the UK talk in their sleep. Some of what they say can be complete nonsense, while others believe when your loved one speak out while counting zees, they may be offering you an insight into their private thoughts, or the secrets which reside in their subconscious. Sleep talking can often be funny, entertaining and even a little eye-opening sometimes, but what does it really mean?

The National Sleep Foundation, as you would imagine, has greatly researched the subject and has gathered there are a variety of explanations why someone may sleep talk. Some of which may not be cause for levity. Studies suggest it may be linked to stress or psychological problems like stress, depression, substance abuse or being sleep deprived, amongst other reasons.

There is also a chance you may talk in your sleep if you have nightmares or suffer from sleep disorders related to REM sleep or sleep apnoea. Many people believe sleep talking may be genetic and passed down the family.

However, if you are concerned about what you say in your sleep, experts say you don’t have to worry. Experts believe what you talk about while unconscious doesn’t mean anything, and you shouldn’t pay any attention to it.

Sleep talking is not serious, and you shouldn’t worry about it. However, if you would like to rectify the situation, and stop giving your partner something to laugh at, then there are steps you can take to reduce the chances of somniloquy.

You can decrease your emotional stress and do more exercise in the daytime. It can tire you out so you can get a better rest at night. However, exercising before bedtime will keep you awake. It is also recommended you do not have a big meal, drink caffeine or alcohol before you go to bed.

For many people though, the best remedy for sleep talking is to get a proper night’s rest and develop a regular sleeping pattern. This can be achieved by buying the most comfortable bed or mattress set from Beds Glasgow. We have a remarkable selection to choose from, where you can find the ideal bed product to meet your needs. Come and see for yourself why everybody’s talking about Beds Glasgow. Let’s just hope it’s not in the middle of the night.

Source: Mirror.co.uk

24 Feb

The Tufted Memory Sprung Mattress For Sale From Beds Glasgow

Beds Glasgow is the place to find the most magnificent selection of mattresses for sale at marvellous prices. There are so many to choose from, available online or in our superstore near Glasgow city centre, you may even feel like you don’t know where to start. However, we can help you select the perfect mattress to brighten your boudoir by showing you one of the most popular we have on offer.

The Tufted Memory Sprung Mattress For Sale From Beds Glasgow

If you are looking for one of our best selling bed products, you can pick up a top of the line Tufted Memory Sprung Mattress. One of the most beautiful items we have in stock with an incredible array of features, to provide you with the most comfortable, luxurious sleep. The Tufted Memory Sprung Mattress boasts an open coil spring unit, complete with a 1-inch memory foam layer for additional comfort.

The lauded memory foam layer is renowned for maintaining the body’s natural form, and merged with the open coil spring unit, provides optimum support. You can pick up the mattress in various sizes, from single and double to king size and super king size. It is hand tufted and has an elegant cushioned top finishing. The Tufted Memory Sprung Mattress is perfectly suited to any bedstead and compliments the interior of any bedroom.

If you are on the lookout for the ideal memory sprung mattress for a price you can only dream about, then come to Beds Glasgow. See for yourself why this item is one of the most admired and sought-after products we have in stock. The Tufted Memory Sprung Mattress is the jewel of the crown of our mattress sale, so why not stop by and pick up one for a bargain? It can make your bedroom complete.

13 Feb

Researchers Can Silence Snoring With AI Smart Pillow

There are very few things to cause as much domestic upheaval or to drive your other half crazy, that to have a partner that snores. It can keep you awake at night, leaving you irritable, restless and exhausted in the daytime. It can often be the cause of arguments and leave you feeling like a bear with a sore head. It is a problem which has troubled mankind for centuries, but, thanks to modern technology and the wonders of science, we may have found an answer, in the realms of artificial intelligence.


It is the breakthrough which could change the world, as well as save millions of marriages. Where a team of American researchers, from Northern Illinois University, have invented a one of a kind smart pillow, utilising the latest noise-cancelling technology and adaptive algorithms. Designed to adapt itself to the individual breathing patterns of the person snoring and quiet them down. It sounds like an amazing concept, but unfortunately, for the moment, that’s as far as it goes. However, the ground-breaking idea has been outlined in a thorough study, appearing in the IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica.

This is not the first-time experts have tried to harness noise-cancelling equipment to silence someone’s’ snoring. The equipment was formerly placed in blankets and headboards, but never into an actual pillow itself.

Basically, the noise cancelling system operates by identifying the sounds of snoring, then creating sound waves of equivalent amplitude to cancel them out. The snoring sounds are detected by a reference microphone, as a pair of error microphones detect any ambient noise. The noises then go through an adaptive filter and construct an appropriate anti-noise signal, played through a pair of speakers in the pillow.

Right now, the AI smart pillow is merely at the prototype stage. However, should it become readily available, think of how many people could have a silent sleep, and how many other halves could be spared having to listen to their snoring?

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

15 Jan

Purchase A Glitz Fabric Divan Set. On Sale From Beds Glasgow

If you are looking for the bestselling beds and mattress sets from Beds Glasgow, then check out the most popular products we have available. You can pick up a beautiful bed product at a bargain price, if you check out the amazing items we have on offer at our incredible bed sale. These include the glorious Glitz Fabric divan set, the perfect adornment for your bedroom.


Boasting a luxurious memory sprung mattress, which may be upgraded to an orthopaedic version if required. The divan set is available in five beautiful colours, offering a wide range of storage facilities to meet your requirements. It is complete with a matching diamante headboard, measuring 30 inches in height, along with the opportunity to include two or four built in drawers for additional storage. This stunning bed set comes with an attractive bedding set in white, cream or grey, including a 10.5 duvet, duvet cover, pillows and pillow cases.

You should be aware that, in most instances, divan bed bases larger than a single size, approximately 3ft, are generally split, providing you easier access to its storage facilities. Furthermore, the bases are placed on castors, permitting better, more streamlined movement. What’s more the Glitz Fabric divan set divan base and mattress fit together seamlessly with no overhang, ideal for conserving space in your bedroom.

When searching for the perfect example of a top-quality luxury item, then choose the glamourous Glitz Fabric divan set. Visit our massive superstore outside Glasgow city centre or view the item online. Why not pick yourself up this breath-taking bed product on sale from Beds Glasgow? It can be yours for an unbeatable price, to brighten any home.

18 Dec

Fancy A Change? You Should Buy A New Mattress Every Eight Years

They say a change is as good as a rest and many believe changing your mattress can help you get a better rest. Most mattresses, even the firmest, finest quality items, commonly last between five years to a decade. It is generally recommended you buy a new mattress every eight years. If you are having trouble sleeping, wake up tired or suffer aches and pains in the morning, it may be time to replace your mattress.

Cheaper Mattresses Found to be Just as Good Quality as Expensive Ones

There are many different reasons why you may choose to change your mattress. The simple fact is it may be old and worn out and may be due to an upgrade. That is why it is advised you routinely give your mattress a once-over, checking for signs of ageing and wear and tear. Ranging from sagging, lumps and indentations, which could prove uncomfortable and affect your sleep. Having your rest disrupted can result in emotional or psychological problems like anxiety and depression. An out of shape mattress may lose its support and could possibly lead to a variety of physical complaints. From stiffness and sore muscles to numbness, neck and back pain, as well as trapped nerves.

What’s more, if you hold on to a mattress for too long a time, it could begin to collect unwelcome matter. These include a build-up of dead skin cells, dust mites, pollen and even body fluid residue among others. It is thought the stockpile of unwanted body matter can increase the weight of your mattress by almost 100%. You may launder your mattress and linens but there is a chance it may still contain particles which can be problematic for those who may suffer from allergies.

If you are looking for the most consistently comfortable sleep, you should buy a new mattress every eight years. When seeking out a suitable replacement you could take your pick of the fabulous selection on sale from Beds Glasgow.

16 Dec

Fancy a new bed to hang your stocking on?

Christmas is almost upon us and people all over Glasgow are preparing for the festive season. We are getting ready to trim the tree, carve the turkey and hang the decorations. However, for many of us, it is also the time to consider altering the interior decoration of our homes. Why not mark the end of the year by having a clear out and treat yourself to some wonderful new furniture? There’s no need to wait for the January sales. It could be the perfect gift for Christmas.

Therefore, if you are looking for the ideal home addition to ring in the new year, then you could choose a beautiful bedroom set from Beds Glasgow. We pride ourselves on providing the most attractive and affordable bed products in a variety of styles be it modern, contemporary or traditional. Our superstore off the M8, close to Glasgow city centre, has a vast selection box of bed frames, mattresses, full divans and headboards to brighten any home.

Just check out the glorious range of beds we have for sale at competitive prices. From a Solo Metal bed and a stunning Victoria bed frame to a White Crystal bed frame and a fittingly festive White Sleigh frame, among a multitude of other marvellous bed products.

Christmas is also the right occasion to pick up a new bed for the kids. Beds Glasgow has an awesome choice of brilliantly designed children’s beds, to capture their imagination. Choose a cool bed product for boys and girls in the style of a racing car, such as a Blue or Red Racer bed frame or a sleek Speeder frame. Customers could pick up a super Chelsea midsleeper in white neutral oak with extra storage space where, if you raise the bed there are additional shelves underneath. The multi-purpose bed comes with a ladder and bookcase and perfectly fits a single sized mattress.

These are just a few of the fantastic items you can pick up at Beds Glasgow this holiday season. Take a trip to our grotto and experience some festive cheer when you purchase a glorious new bed this Christmas. It’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.

02 Dec

Fight The Effects Of SAD With A Bed From Beds Glasgow

Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD is a type of depressive illness which, as the name suggests, sees sufferers’ moods and wellbeing being affected by changes in weather and the seasons. It is a debilitating illness which reportedly touches one in fifteen of the population, leading to various symptoms, from anxiety and social disorders to lethargy and sleep problems, among many others.

Fight The Effects Of SAD With A Bed From Beds Glasgow

Many people experience the signs of SAD between the months of September And April. However, the symptoms can increase significantly in December, January, and February. In some cases, Seasonal Affective Disorder can be so incapacitating that sufferers find it hard to function in wintertime and require constant attention. It is Also customary for individuals to be afflicted with a less powerful form of the ailment commonly referred to as sub-syndromal SAD, often called the winter blues.

Seasonal Affective Disorder can strike people from all walks of life, and you can start exhibiting the symptoms at any age, but most sufferers begin showing the signs around 18 to 30 years old. Among the most common symptoms associated with SAD are sleeping difficulties. If you are living with Seasonal Affective Disorder, you may suffer from disturbed, disruptive sleep, where you find it hard to get some rest at night. Conversely, those in the throes of SAD may wake up early in the morning or have trouble staying awake in the daytime. What’s more, should you eventually drop off, you also run the risk of oversleeping, leaving you overtired and exhausted the next day. This could take both a physical and psychological toll on your overall health.

One of the best ways of dealing with a sleeping disorder brought on by SAD is to increase the amount of natural light into your house coupled with choosing the right bed or mattress for a comfortable nights sleep. Beds Glasgow has the greatest choice of top quality bed products, providing the optimum in luxury and comfort. If you are looking for an undisturbed rest to get your sleeping pattern back in order, negating the signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder, then look over the excellent selection on offer from Beds Glasgow. Either online or in our superstore near Glasgow city centre. Where you can find the finest bargains all year round, whichever the season.

30 Nov

Beds Glasgow Proves A Big Hit On Facebook

We at Beds Glasgow are always happy to receive feedback from our customers. We are committed to providing the utmost service at all times and appreciate your comments. That is why, in order to gauge the feelings of those whom have purchased bed products from our superstore near Glasgow city centre or visited us online, we welcome reviews on the Beds Glasgow Facebook page. These are just a taster of the testimonials we have received from satisfied customers, who took the time to share their experience of buying from Beds Glasgow.


Calista Anuli Ukwuoma stated in her review that “Beds Glasgow have over time demonstrated high knowledge of therapeutic bed facilities. They pride in quality and have systems in place for happy customers.. You can’t get it wrong with Beds Glasgow.”

Debbie Docherty would also recommend Beds Glasgow . In her glowing review in Facebook, Debbie stated that she had had “a double orthopaedic mattress delivered from Beds Glasgow… fantastic price… great sales staff… even better price… but most of all had the best night’s sleep in years… I like it that much I’ve decided to stay in bed all day…. thank you so much Beds Glasgow … also quick delivery as promised.”.

Victoria McEwan gave Beds Glasgow a 5-star review when said “Firstly the shop is walking distance from Glasgow City Centre so if you don’t drive it is still accessible. Great selection on offer, no pressure to buy, and good advice. I had expected to have to put up with sales chat but the process was so easy and seamless. We didn’t even look elsewhere as we got a great deal and upgrade on exactly what we were looking for. Fantastic quality of bed and value for money. Delivery to the Southside of Glasgow only £10 which is great compared to other companies who charge £50! I highly recommend.”

As you can see from the samples above, Beds Glasgow has helped scores of people choose the perfect bed product to brighten their home at incredible prices. Our impeccable customer service has been earning raves online, so why not see for yourself? For the finest range proving a hit on Facebook, head for Beds Glasgow.

14 Nov

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep in the Wintertime

In wintertime, when the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, many people find it hard to get a good nights sleep in the wintertime.

The NHS recommends an average adult should have in the area of seven to nine hours sleep each night. However various factors, such as stress, depression, loud noises and even the temperature of the room may disrupt your sleeping pattern. If you suffer from winter cold or flu symptoms it could actually keep you awake. In fact, it has been reported sleep disorders are more common at this time of year when the temperature drops. There are steps you can take though to curtail the signs of insomnia in wintertime and wake up refreshed in the morning.

Stay Cool And Sleep In Hot Weather

Among the various reasons why people may find it more difficult to get to sleep at this time of year may have a meteorological basis, as well as the effects changes in the weather may have on a person’s routine and their wellbeing. It is a well-known fact we require sunlight to produce the chemical in the body called melatonin, which controls how well we sleep and how long. So, in the wintertime, when it gets dark early and people tend to stay indoors more, we don’t get exposed to as much sunlight, you can experience a dip in the production of melatonin which can affect your sleep. It is therefore advised you take in as much natural light as you can while the sun is up. Try not to spend all your time indoors and go outside during the daytime. Experts also recommend you open your blinds or curtains as soon as you wake up in the morning and dim your lights at night-time to expedite the production of melatonin before turning in.

Another important aspect of having uninterrupted sleep in the winter is the temperature. It sees an obvious rise in the use of artificial heaters to hold back the cold, although these heaters create warm, dry air which can leave you feeling dehydrated. What’s more, if you leave the heating on at night you could wake up with a thirst, experience dry mouth and have trouble falling back to sleep. If you are looking for a good night’s rest, it is advised you try and maintain a cool temperature between 16 to 18 degrees Celsius, You should shut off the heating when you go to bed and cover yourself in bed linens, blankets or duvets made from cotton or wool which are ideal for regulating the temperature of the human body, so you don’t get too warm at night and have problems sleeping.

However, for many, the key to a brilliant night’s sleep in the perfect bed or mattress and we have a magnificent selection available at Beds Glasgow. Take a look around our huge superstore just outside the centre of Glasgow or check us out online, where you are certain to find the bed product of your dreams. Say goodbye to the winter blues for a restful sleep this Christmas with Beds Glasgow.