For the past few years, medical professionals have understandably drawn attention to how not getting enough rest could be detrimental to your health. Research has even established a potential connection between being sleep deprived and potentially developing Alzheimer’s disease. However, is it possible the opposite extreme, and getting too much sleep, as well as not receiving enough, could also be harmful?

This comes after scientists say if you sleep too long, you may run the risk of contracting another devastating memory disorder. According to research, if you spend too many hours asleep, it could increase your chances of suffering from dementia.

In the course of their research, experts discovered people who slept for at least nine hours a night exhibited a drop in language skills and problems with memory, common early signs of the onset of dementia. Scientists have been unable to determine why sleeping too much may bring on the disorder.

However, they have speculated individuals at risk of developing dementia have disturbances in the brain which may cause them to sleep longer or make them more inclined to rest for larger periods.

Some research has suggested sleeping too long may be connected to something called white matter hyperintensities, or lesions in the brain. Many believe they are brought on by a drop in blood flow to the brain and apparently increase the chances of a drop in cognition power, suffering a stroke and dementia.

Experts also noted you may have a chance of developing the condition if you only manage less than six hours. The ultimate aim is to have seven to eight hours of sleep, to receive a healthy night’s rest.

Many illustrious sleep experts feel both being deprived of sleep and conversely sleeping too much may be connected to a deterioration in neurocognitive operation which could predate dementia or cases of Alzheimer’s disease.

There have been reports that being sleep deprived could have a negative effect on your health, but very few realise the reverse may also be true, and it could be just as harmful to get too much sleep. It seems the answer may be to find a happy medium.

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