12 Jul

Choose The Perfect Mattress From Beds Glasgow

There is nothing better than a long comfortable sleep to prepare you for the day ahead. The secret of a good night’s rest is the perfect mattress. We at Beds Glasgow have a wide range of top quality items to choose from, where you can find the right mattress to meet your needs, So, why not take a look?

Our stunning single capri mattress has a 13.5 open coil spring unit and a plastic strip edge, providing additional support. The Capri mattress is 7.5-inch-deep quilted with a knitted fabric panel and damask border, as well as boasting two layers of upholstery. If you measure a single bed using the metric system, it is 90 x 190cm. However, if you prefer imperial, single mattress measures three feet by six feet and three inches.

Lisbon-Ashleigh Ortho Divan Set

Beds Glasgow offers an extraordinary orthopaedic mattress with a 12.5-gauge open coil spring unit. It has a beautiful Belgian demask cover and vast layers of fillings. Our orthopaedic mattresses are double sided and perfect for pine or metal bedsteads. They are available in various sizes, from a Single and Double, to a King and Super King size. You can expect delivery of the mattress between ten to fourteen days. It is recommended you rotate or turn your mattress on regular intervals to increase its lifespan and make it last longer.

You could also try our marvellous memory mattress which, as the name suggests, has a layer of luxurious memory foam and extensive fillings. It is a double-sided mattress, fitted with a 13.5-gauge open coil spring unit and a stretch knitted fabric cover.

These are just a few of the magnificent mattresses you can pick up for a bargain at Beds Glasgow. If you would like to know more about the fantastic selection on offer visit our store in Glasgow or go online. We can help you find the perfect sleep by stocking the ideal mattress.

05 Jul

Choose The Perfect Bed For A Great Night’s Sleep

We spend around one-third of our lives sleeping. If it is recommended, we get eight hours to rest a night. On average a person sleeps 229,961 hours in their lifetime. Which makes choosing the right bed one of the most important decisions you will make.

Are you searching for the perfect place to lay your head? Beds Glasgow has an excellent selection of comfortable, beautifully designed beds. Check out the wide range of beds we have in store or online, at competitive prices.

These include our stunning Solo Metal Bed. It is a simple single bed frame ideal for kids. Measuring three feet, with a silver finish and fun headboard. The Solo Metal bed has strong legs and a sprung slatted base, working with the mattress for added comfort and support. It is a beautifully designed uncomplicated bed which fits any bedroom and is delivered between 14 and 21 days.

There is a beautiful bed frame from the Pickwick collection. It is fashioned from solid pine and comes in a well-appointed antique finish. The Pickwick bed frames makes for a glorious bedroom feature, in numerous shapes and sizes, such as a Single (202cm X 100cm X 90cm), Small Double (202cm X 131cm X 90cm) or Double (202cm X 146cm X 90cm), to find the best bed to suit you.

Customers could choose the fantastic Florence Bed Frame. It boasts the most striking traditional detailing, in a classic Victorian style. The bed frame has a sprung slatted base, and stone white eggshell textured finishing. It may be purchased in various sizes, from a single and a double to a king size, at a reasonable rate.

Lovers of classical design will also appreciate our breath-taking Victoria Bed Frame. It is a magnificent chrome metal bed frame with intricately detailed castings and finials. It is presented in satin black or stone white and can come in single, double or king size. It is the ideal showpiece to brighten any bedroom.

Don’t lose any sleep over finding a flawless night’s rest! Have your choice of the greatest beds available at a bargain price. Either online or in your local Glasgow bed shop.

21 Jun

Do You Have Trouble Sleeping? You’re Not Alone

There are times when we all have trouble sleeping. You may have a lot on your mind. Are money worries, family problems or stresses at work keeping you awake? Surely, its part of everyday life. No big deal. But, as a matter of fact, sleep disorders are becoming increasingly common in the UK. Just check out the statistics.

Studies say one in three UK adults, approximately 31% of the population, suffer from insomnia, while 16 million people experience sleepless nights. Two out of three people, around 67%, have their sleep disrupted while over 20% only manage five hours sleep at most. Reportedly, almost 50% of the UK adult population feel they do not get enough sleep. The same ratio, almost half, do not even take steps to get a good night’s rest. Despite over 25% claiming improving their sleep is the most important health goal.

All in all, UK adults sleep an average of six hours a night. The National Sleep Foundation advises you get between seven and nine hours for a proper rest.

People adopt many different measures to try and get to sleep. It is reported 13%, just over one in ten, of the adult population, will take sleeping pills. However, that number rises to 19% for those between the ages of 18 and 24 years old.

13%, of the population, may take a nightcap, an alcoholic drink, to help them fall asleep, but it is not recommended. Ironically, drinking before bedtime can backfire and keep you awake.

If you have trouble falling asleep it is advised you try more conventional means. 39% prefer reading late at night to relax while 18% avoid electronic devices. 32% of adults abstain from drinking caffeine after 12 noon to prevent disruptive sleep.

There are so many steps you can take to get a good night’s rest. But for many, the most important is to choose the right bed and mattress and we have an excellent selection available. Say goodbye to restless disruptive sleep by treating yourself to a top-quality mattress from Beds Glasgow. It could set you on course for a new life.

24 May

How To Stay Cool And Sleep In Hot Weather

It may be a strange phenomenon, but Britain has experienced something of a heatwave recently. Temperatures have soared, and you may have found yourself feeling too warm. This can be a problem if you live in a home without air conditioning and trying to get some rest. What can you do if it is too hot outside and it’s keeping you awake? How do you sleep in sunny weather?

There are many ways to deal with the heat. It is recommended you remove heavy bedding, full blankets or duvets from the bed. You should also dispense with thick mattress protectors or pads. It is better to cover yourself with lighter fabrics such as cotton sheets and cotton weave blankets.

What you have to drink could determine whether you get a good night’s sleep in the heat. Experts say you shouldn’t drink ice cold water. It slows down the digestion and the metabolism, as well as reducing hydration. It is advised you drink water at room temperature if you wish to cool down. You should drink a lot of water to keep hydrated. Some even suggest keeping a water jug by the bed, so you can have a drink during the night if you get too hot or thirsty.

Stay Cool And Sleep In Hot Weather

You should also watch what you eat on a warm evening. Avoid heavy meals and enjoy a light supper before bed. Diners may want to skip the spicy foods and hot sauces if they don’t want their sleep interrupted.

If you like exercising you should stop working out a few hours prior to turning in. It can increase your body temperature and you should give yourself a couple of hours to cool down before going to bed.

If you really want to keep cool you should put your bedding, sheets, and blankets in the freezer half an hour before bedtime then you can relax in a cooling, soothing environment to help you drop off. The perfect solution for a disrupted sleep in hot weather.

08 Apr

The Best Choice Of Mattresses At Beds Glasgow

If you are looking for the perfect sleep at night, then buy the perfect mattress. Although that may seem easier said than done. There are so many different types to choose from, but we at Beds Glasgow can help.

Our comprehensive “mattress buying guide” lets customers make an informed decision when picking the right mattress, which combined with the proper bedstead or divan base can be the key to a peaceful rest. You can also have better support with a top-quality mattress. These are a few of the things to consider when making your purchase.

For instance, variations in a person’s body temperature can contribute to having a good night’s sleep. Beds Glasgow has an excellent range of mattresses containing 100% full natural fillings. Ideally suited to any change in the weather. If it becomes too hot or too cold outside, you can still have a refreshing sleep 12 month of the year. Be assured we are always on the cutting edge of design and technical advancement.

Beds Glasgow also has an unbeatable choice of open coil spring mattresses, considered the most popular springing system for low-cost items. They contain hour glass springs binded together and boast a border rod or wire, to maintain the mattresses` shape. We further offer an incredible selection of pocket spring mattresses. They contain separate undersized springs in individual pockets of fabric. What’s more, the springs function autonomously to suit a person’s body weight for a comfortable, luxurious sleep.

Are looking for top quality mattresses to cater to your requirements at a knockdown price? Don’t have sleepless nights. Come to Beds Glasgow, for the finest selection under the sun. You won’t be disappointed.

12 Mar

The Secret Of A Good Night’s Sleep

It seems most people are under a great deal of stress these days. We fret about money problems, work or relationships. It can lead to thousands of people across the country having trouble sleeping. It is recommended that to get a good night’s rest, you must stick to a regular bedtime routine. However, this can be difficult for individuals suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia, but there are steps you can take to develop a bedtime routine.

Good Night's Sleep

Generally, adults need in the region of six and nine hours of sleep a night. Therefore, it is advised you programme your brain and internal body clock to get used to a sleep pattern. It is believed winding down at the end of the evening can help you sleep. Many people find a lukewarm bath just before bedtime contusive to rest. Others use relaxation exercises like yoga stretches to relax their muscles. However, you must be careful not to exercise too much, or it may keep you awake.

It is common for people to listen to relaxation CDs, soothing music or the radio to help them sleep. Many also read books before they go to bed to distract their minds. Experts say that for a good night’s rest, you should make your bedroom more sleep-friendly. It sounds fundamental, but some things can affect a person’s ability to drop off, from lights and electronic gadgets to the television being on. For many people though, one of the biggest hindrances to getting a good night’s sleep is laying on an uncomfortable bed or mattress.

If you are looking for the finest selection of mattresses available, then come to Beds Glasgow, the highest rated bed shop in the city. We are dedicated to helping our customers get the best sleep possible, at a bargain price.

06 Jun

Ways To Care For An Ageing Mattress

When it comes to a healthy night’s sleep, following these tips can help care for your ageing mattress allowing you to sleep better. The following tips allow to keep your mattress fit for purpose into its later life.

Experts recommend that you replace your mattress every 8 years. This ensures that your mattress is giving you the support you need, is hygienic & provide you with the sleep you need.

Independent experts have found that older mattresses that suffered years of wear and tear significantly lost height & contained a covering of skin cells, dust and fibres. Dust mites in old mattresses can also affect allergies. Have a look at our tips below to ensure you will get eight restful years on your mattress.


Regularly Rotate: Make sure you regularly rotate your mattress to vary the areas of prolonged impact when you sleep as your mattress can suffer from dips and compression after long term use. Also check to see if your mattress is turnable & make sure you turn your mattress regularly as well.

Air It: Make sure when you first purchase a mattress, the mattress is aired for around four hours. You should regularly air your mattress throughout it’s lifetime. airing the mattress allows body moisture to evaporate from it. Taking the opportunity to ventilate your mattress by removing bed covers etc for 20 minutes a day and longer periods when you are away from home will preserve freshness.

Use A Mattress Topper/Protector: Using a mattress topper or a protector preserve the condition of your mattress & also add a level of comfort to your bed. For advice on toppers/protectors contact our customer services on 0141 554 0792.

Avoid Sitting On The Edge: Try and avoid sitting on the edge of your mattress for prolonged periods of time. We all do it from time to time, but try finding a chair as sitting on the edge of the mattress can have detrimental effects.

Vacuum: Make sure that you vacuum your mattress every two to three months. This is something that many people don’t do and it can impact the hygiene of your mattress. Make sure to vacuum to ensure that you are getting rid of dead skin cells and dust mites that have gathered on your mattress.

Don’t Fold It/Walk or Jump on It: If you need to move your mattress, make sure you don’t fold it as it can damage the interior and will reduce the quality of the comfort & support of your mattress. As well as folding, don’t walk, stand or jump on your mattress as this will also damage the contents of the mattress.




27 May

Mattress Topper or Mattress Protector?

When you buy a mattress, you are sometimes confronted with the questions ‘Do you want a mattress topper?’ and ‘Do you want a mattress protector?’. Very often, if you know what the difference between the two is, the answer would be ‘Yes’ to both questions. But, many people do not know the difference and only choose one of the two – thinking that they are essentially the same thing. This is not true. There is a significant difference between them, and it is important to know if you are planning on buying a mattress.

Mattress Topper or Mattress Protector

What is a Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper acts as an extension of the mattress. It gives the mattress a little extra height, depth, and cushioning, making the mattress more comfortable and durable. You can also buy a mattress topper for your old mattress if you want to spruce it up a bit. It will breathe new life into your mattress and give you extra comfort. When you buy sheets for a mattress with a mattress topper on, you need to look for sheets with extra depth (if you’re buying fitted sheets) or a bigger sheet (if you are buying normal sheets).

What is a Mattress Protector?

A mattress protector is like an extra sheet that you put on your bed. It has a special insert in the middle that is waterproof and prevents liquids such as sweat from staining and wetting your mattress. It is relatively thin, so it will not add any height or depth to your mattress. Some protectors also help to keep the bed fresh by preventing dust mites and other allergens from getting onto the mattress.

Can You Use the Two Together?

You can easily put a mattress topper on your old or new mattress and then cover it with a mattress protector. That way you extend the lifespan of both the mattress as well as the mattress topper. Then you make the bed with the sheets and other bedding that you want to put onto the bed for maximum comfort.

If you are not sure about your options, speak to our friendly staff here at Beds Glasgow. We have the knowledge and experience to give you sound advice and guidance about the mattress accessory that will suit your needs.

05 May

Choosing a Mattress for Your Child

Your child spends approximately 12 hours a day in close contact with his/her mattress – either sleeping or resting on the bed, or even just playing on the bed. It is, therefore, vital that you choose the right mattress for your child. His or her whole development – from brain functions and bone growth to hormone development – depends on the quality of sleep that he/she gets. If the childdoes not get a good night’s sleep due to being uncomfortable on the mattress, it could have a serious impact on their development.

Choosing a Mattress for Your Child

How Do I Choose A Mattress For My Child?

There are many different kinds of mattresses on the market that would be suitable for your child – depending on your budget and the type of child that you have. When considering the mattress, you need to consider the following:

  • Posture: New research shows that a plush bed for a small child will not affect the spine’s development adversely as the body is naturally curvy.
  • Off-Gassing: Some materials and fabrics give off subtlegasses when they are new. You need to choose a mattress that doesn’t give off gasses or store the mattress until the off-gassing period has passed.
  • Allergies: Your child may have allergies to certain materials. Make sure that you are aware of these allergies before choosing your mattress. Mattresses may also trap dust and mites, which cause allergic reactions in children. When you choose a mattress, make sure that your mattress is the safest possible brand in terms of allergy issues.

There are also a number of support types to consider. These can include:

  • Innerspring open coil
  • Innerspring pocket coil
  • Memory foam (this includes latex foam and futon).

The mattress also has a variety of comfort levels to consider. When you look at a mattress for your child,all the above considerations will determine the comfort level of the mattress that you decide to buy.

If you have any questions, our friendly staff here at Beds Glasgow will be able to give you advice and guidance on which mattress to choose. Contact us via this website or come in and have a chat with one of our consultants.

19 Apr

3 Things to Know About Your Mattress

Did you know that you will spend about a third of your life lying on your bed? When you think about it in these terms, the bed is one item of furniture you cannot afford to ignore. And if the bed is that important, then obviously so is the mattress. When buying a new mattress, there are a few useful things you should know. This will help you make the right buying decision.

3 Things to Know About Your Mattress

1. Does it Contain Flame-Retardant Material?

British law states that a mattress must contain some sort of flame-retardant to comply with British regulations (BS 5852: 1982 Part II & BS 7177). This is to protect you in the case of a fire. The problem is that many artificial flame-retardants are made from toxic chemicals. One of the most common is polybrominated diphenyl, which can be harmful to health.This is something to consider.

2. Could Your Allergies Get Worse?

Sometimes wool is used as mattress stuffing. Unfortunately, wool is one of the main breeding grounds for dust mites, which can cause allergies to flare up. Many people have allergic reactions to a mattress and do not know why;it is often from the wool.

3. Does a Mattress Contain Pesticides?

Cotton and synthetic fibres are often contained within mattresses. There may or may not be pesticides within these fabrics. The only way to avoid this issue is choosing a mattress made from natural materials.

How Do You Make Sure Your Mattress is Safe to Health?

All you need to do is ask questions. The best way to make sure that your mattress has what you need is to ask the retailer. Find out what mattresses are made from as well as what checks they go through to ensure comfort and support. At Beds Glasgow, we go out of our way to answer all the questions customers ask of us the best we can.