14 Nov

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep in the Wintertime

In wintertime, when the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, many people find it hard to get a good nights sleep in the wintertime.

The NHS recommends an average adult should have in the area of seven to nine hours sleep each night. However various factors, such as stress, depression, loud noises and even the temperature of the room may disrupt your sleeping pattern. If you suffer from winter cold or flu symptoms it could actually keep you awake. In fact, it has been reported sleep disorders are more common at this time of year when the temperature drops. There are steps you can take though to curtail the signs of insomnia in wintertime and wake up refreshed in the morning.

Stay Cool And Sleep In Hot Weather

Among the various reasons why people may find it more difficult to get to sleep at this time of year may have a meteorological basis, as well as the effects changes in the weather may have on a person’s routine and their wellbeing. It is a well-known fact we require sunlight to produce the chemical in the body called melatonin, which controls how well we sleep and how long. So, in the wintertime, when it gets dark early and people tend to stay indoors more, we don’t get exposed to as much sunlight, you can experience a dip in the production of melatonin which can affect your sleep. It is therefore advised you take in as much natural light as you can while the sun is up. Try not to spend all your time indoors and go outside during the daytime. Experts also recommend you open your blinds or curtains as soon as you wake up in the morning and dim your lights at night-time to expedite the production of melatonin before turning in.

Another important aspect of having uninterrupted sleep in the winter is the temperature. It sees an obvious rise in the use of artificial heaters to hold back the cold, although these heaters create warm, dry air which can leave you feeling dehydrated. What’s more, if you leave the heating on at night you could wake up with a thirst, experience dry mouth and have trouble falling back to sleep. If you are looking for a good night’s rest, it is advised you try and maintain a cool temperature between 16 to 18 degrees Celsius, You should shut off the heating when you go to bed and cover yourself in bed linens, blankets or duvets made from cotton or wool which are ideal for regulating the temperature of the human body, so you don’t get too warm at night and have problems sleeping.

However, for many, the key to a brilliant night’s sleep in the perfect bed or mattress and we have a magnificent selection available at Beds Glasgow. Take a look around our huge superstore just outside the centre of Glasgow or check us out online, where you are certain to find the bed product of your dreams. Say goodbye to the winter blues for a restful sleep this Christmas with Beds Glasgow.

22 Oct

Choose The Finest Pocket Sprung Mattress From Beds Glasgow

Beds Glasgow has a perfect selection of prime pocket sprung mattresses at competitive prices. Our exceptional bed product provides optimum comfort, while adapting to your individual sleeping habits and movements. These are amongst the characteristics of a pocket sprung mattress.

It is comprised of a series of separate pocket springs, each encased in its own fabric pocket. They operate individually from one another, and each spring only responds to an individual’s body weight on a section of the mattress. It allows customers a heightened degree of personal support, to cater to their specific needs. Pocket springs also do not all move as a collective, which sets them apart from conventional open coil mattresses. They can curtail roll-together, decreasing transferring movement to another part of the mattress. The separate pocket springs work by themselves to support the body as you sleep, resulting in a good night’s rest.

Pocket sprung are considered among the leading sprung mattresses, and one of the most popular types, due to their consistency, firmness and complete body support. You can see for yourself as we at Beds Glasgow have an extraordinary range of on offer, at a price that cannot be beat.

These include an incredible Requiem Mattress has an open coil spring unit, also known as a Bonnell spring unit. It contains hourglass shaped springs, linked by a spiral wire. There is a 25mm layer of memory foam on top with cotton felt and Polyester fillings and a quilted cover finish. It is complete with a strong gauge rod-edge for additional support and durability, alongside other features. These have made The Requiem one of our most sought-after pocket sprung mattresses.

Customers could choose another one of our most popular items; the luxurious 1000 pocket sprung mattress. As the name suggest, this gold label product has a thousand separate pocket springs encased in individual pockets of fabric. The mattress has a medium-firm rating. It is fitted with air vents, and hand stitched sides for sturdy, steady edges, as well as a beautiful demask cover finishing.

For an overview of the vast range of stock available, visit our website or stop in our superstore near the city centre, for a mattress that won’t stretch your pocket.

15 Oct

Looking For The Perfect Bed? Head For Beds Glasgow Superstore

Are you looking for the finest quality bed products at unbeatable prices? Do you appreciate style and have an eye for a bargain? Why not visit Beds Glasgow? Check out our stock online or visit our massive superstore off the M8, a stone throws from Glasgow City Centre. You won’t believe your eyes.

How to Find the Perfect Bed

Our enormous showroom is open seven days a week, with free parking for other three hundred vehicles. Step inside and our highly trained staff will show you the incredible bed products we have on offer. Ranging from beds and bed frames to mattresses, full divans, and headboards. They come in various styles, from traditional to modern and contemporary, at a price to suit any budget.

Beds Glasgow offers a huge selection of beds and bed frames, fashioned from different materials. Customers can choose from a metal, wooden or fabric bed frame. There are also Ottoman, leather and storage beds as well as children’s and bunk beds.

We have a marvellous range of mattresses which can be sold separately, from Orthopaedic, Rolled and Memory to Memory Sprung and Pocket Sprung Mattresses.
What’s more, we have an efficient local delivery service, speeding your product to you in no time. We deliver to every corner of Scotland, along with providing an excellent come and collect option in the store.

If you are searching for the perfect bed product at a price that won’t break the bank, then head for Beds Glasgow. From beds to frames to mattresses, we have everything covered. Just come to our gigantic Glasgow superstore or go on the website to see.

14 Sep

How Being Sleep Deprived Can Affect Your Health

It may come as no surprise but going without sleep can have an adverse effect on your health and well-being. You are probably aware that not getting enough rest can make you feel run down and exhausted. It can reduce your energy levels and lead to stress and irritability, which is to be expected. However, being sleep deprived can also have unforeseen consequences you may not know were linked to insomnia.  It can be the source of various ailments, which could impact your life.

For instance, many don’t realise lack of sleep can affect your appetite. Have you ever wondered why you may feel peckish and in the mood for snacking in the middle of the night? Well, studies say sleep deprivation increases traces of the molecule 2-AG in the human body which promotes a person’s appetite. It can feel like the more tired you are the hungrier you become, so is little wonder people enjoy a midnight feast from time to time.

Studies have shown you can also show the signs of sleep deprivation on the outside. Experts believe not getting enough rest can take a toll on your skin. It can increase the symptoms of ageing and influence your skin health. What’s more, skin repair can be harder for people who do not sleep well. It could diminish catabolism, a purification process assisting in skin repair which only takes place at night. So, if you don’t get a good night’s sleep it could hurt its progression, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “getting your beauty sleep”.

It may sound fundamental, but if you are having trouble sleeping it could stop your brain from getting the rest it needs. Experts have learned that, while we sleep, our brains go through a sort of detoxification process, where it almost has a clean out.

Scientists have discovered that while we nap our brains cells decrease by over half their size. This causes a de-cluttering, allowing the human body to get rid of damaging substances such as beta-amyloid, mentioned in connection with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. It is believed the more you sleep the more your brain can detox and the less you sleep the more you increase the chances of beta-amyloid forming on the brain.
These are some of the ways sleep deprivation can affect a person’s health. If you are having trouble sleeping, you could consider changing your bed and mattress. There is a wide range of comfortable, luxury beds for sale at our large showroom near Glasgow. If you would like to know more about our wonderful stock come to Beds Glasgow. We won’t rest until you have a perfect night’s sleep.

07 Sep

Make Space For An Ottoman Base

Do you have a problem with storage? Is your home filled to bursting and you are running out of cupboard space? If you have a storage crisis, choose an attractive piece of furniture for your bedroom. Why not get yourself an ottoman bed?

Ottoman Bed Glasgow

It is a divan bed or bed frame containing a gas lift hydraulic mechanism. Used to lift the lid of the base, providing extra storage space. If your cupboards or chests of drawers are packed to capacity, you can pack your stuff in the base. An ottoman can open from either the foot of the bed or the side. It can offer you an attractive alternative when looking for somewhere to store your possessions. It can be hidden away inside your ottoman, so nobody knows the difference.

The Ottoman bed gets its name from the historic Ottoman Empire, a  ruling power which was formed in the 13th Century in what is today Turkey and controlled the majority of South East Europe, North Africa and Western Asia for six hundred years, from the 14th to the 20th Century. Turkey is the home of Ottoman furniture, known for its unique design and storage capability which became all the rage in Europe in the late 18th Century.

Beds Glasgow offers its customers ottoman side storage from the bargain price of £399. We have an exceptional Divan Ottoman base to meet your comfort and storage needs. Beds Glasgow can provide you with a stunning side lifting ottoman storage bed, affording you a greater proportion of space, around 400%, more than the ordinary drawer bed.

Our awesome ottoman utilises the most up to minute gas lift process to raise the lid of the bed and lower it back down again. You can be assured the mattress, when put on the bed, acts almost as a countermeasure, so you can reach your possessions in the ottoman without any trouble. They can be stored inside the wooden base, as it is clean and clear of dust, due to being a solid wooden platform with air holes for ventilation and a fabric finishing. It has the storage space to hold a wide range of items, from pillows, bedding and duvets to books or a suitcase, amongst many others. The incredible ottoman has room for it and you can pick up a bed in a variety of sizes, from a Single and a Double to a King and Super King. You can also choose from a vast selection of fabrics to find the perfect design to drape your ottoman.

If you are on the lookout for the most comfortable and stylish storage space which will be the ideal feature for any bedroom, then pick up an awe-inspiring ottoman side storage base from Beds Glasgow.

31 Aug

Do You Suffer From Back Pain? Beds Glasgow Can Help

Are you one of the millions of people suffering from back pain? It is said one in three in the UK live with this affliction. Most cases affect a person’s lower back. They can be a source of great pain and distress and have physical and even psychological effects. A backache can especially play a devastating toll on your sleep pattern. Keeping you awake at night and leaving you tired during the day. A disrupted sleep can also bring on nervous headaches and sap your energy, all resulting from back pain. The question is what can be the cause of the condition? What brings on the back pain you feel while trying to get to sleep which prevents you from getting to sleep?

Good Night's Sleep Read More

12 Jul

Choose The Perfect Mattress From Beds Glasgow

There is nothing better than a long comfortable sleep to prepare you for the day ahead. The secret of a good night’s rest is the perfect mattress. We at Beds Glasgow have a wide range of top quality items to choose from, where you can find the right mattress to meet your needs, So, why not take a look?

Our stunning single capri mattress has a 13.5 open coil spring unit and a plastic strip edge, providing additional support. The Capri mattress is 7.5-inch-deep quilted with a knitted fabric panel and damask border, as well as boasting two layers of upholstery. If you measure a single bed using the metric system, it is 90 x 190cm. However, if you prefer imperial, single mattress measures three feet by six feet and three inches.

Lisbon-Ashleigh Ortho Divan Set

Beds Glasgow offers an extraordinary orthopaedic mattress with a 12.5-gauge open coil spring unit. It has a beautiful Belgian demask cover and vast layers of fillings. Our orthopaedic mattresses are double sided and perfect for pine or metal bedsteads. They are available in various sizes, from a Single and Double, to a King and Super King size. You can expect delivery of the mattress between ten to fourteen days. It is recommended you rotate or turn your mattress on regular intervals to increase its lifespan and make it last longer.

You could also try our marvellous memory mattress which, as the name suggests, has a layer of luxurious memory foam and extensive fillings. It is a double-sided mattress, fitted with a 13.5-gauge open coil spring unit and a stretch knitted fabric cover.

These are just a few of the magnificent mattresses you can pick up for a bargain at Beds Glasgow. If you would like to know more about the fantastic selection on offer visit our store in Glasgow or go online. We can help you find the perfect sleep by stocking the ideal mattress.

05 Jul

Choose The Perfect Bed For A Great Night’s Sleep

We spend around one-third of our lives sleeping. If it is recommended, we get eight hours to rest a night. On average a person sleeps 229,961 hours in their lifetime. Which makes choosing the right bed one of the most important decisions you will make.

Are you searching for the perfect place to lay your head? Beds Glasgow has an excellent selection of comfortable, beautifully designed beds. Check out the wide range of beds we have in store or online, at competitive prices.

These include our stunning Solo Metal Bed. It is a simple single bed frame ideal for kids. Measuring three feet, with a silver finish and fun headboard. The Solo Metal bed has strong legs and a sprung slatted base, working with the mattress for added comfort and support. It is a beautifully designed uncomplicated bed which fits any bedroom and is delivered between 14 and 21 days.

There is a beautiful bed frame from the Pickwick collection. It is fashioned from solid pine and comes in a well-appointed antique finish. The Pickwick bed frames makes for a glorious bedroom feature, in numerous shapes and sizes, such as a Single (202cm X 100cm X 90cm), Small Double (202cm X 131cm X 90cm) or Double (202cm X 146cm X 90cm), to find the best bed to suit you.

Customers could choose the fantastic Florence Bed Frame. It boasts the most striking traditional detailing, in a classic Victorian style. The bed frame has a sprung slatted base, and stone white eggshell textured finishing. It may be purchased in various sizes, from a single and a double to a king size, at a reasonable rate.

Lovers of classical design will also appreciate our breath-taking Victoria Bed Frame. It is a magnificent chrome metal bed frame with intricately detailed castings and finials. It is presented in satin black or stone white and can come in single, double or king size. It is the ideal showpiece to brighten any bedroom.

Don’t lose any sleep over finding a flawless night’s rest! Have your choice of the greatest beds available at a bargain price. Either online or in your local Glasgow bed shop.

21 Jun

Do You Have Trouble Sleeping? You’re Not Alone

There are times when we all have trouble sleeping. You may have a lot on your mind. Are money worries, family problems or stresses at work keeping you awake? Surely, its part of everyday life. No big deal. But, as a matter of fact, sleep disorders are becoming increasingly common in the UK. Just check out the statistics.

Studies say one in three UK adults, approximately 31% of the population, suffer from insomnia, while 16 million people experience sleepless nights. Two out of three people, around 67%, have their sleep disrupted while over 20% only manage five hours sleep at most. Reportedly, almost 50% of the UK adult population feel they do not get enough sleep. The same ratio, almost half, do not even take steps to get a good night’s rest. Despite over 25% claiming improving their sleep is the most important health goal.

All in all, UK adults sleep an average of six hours a night. The National Sleep Foundation advises you get between seven and nine hours for a proper rest.

People adopt many different measures to try and get to sleep. It is reported 13%, just over one in ten, of the adult population, will take sleeping pills. However, that number rises to 19% for those between the ages of 18 and 24 years old.

13%, of the population, may take a nightcap, an alcoholic drink, to help them fall asleep, but it is not recommended. Ironically, drinking before bedtime can backfire and keep you awake.

If you have trouble falling asleep it is advised you try more conventional means. 39% prefer reading late at night to relax while 18% avoid electronic devices. 32% of adults abstain from drinking caffeine after 12 noon to prevent disruptive sleep.

There are so many steps you can take to get a good night’s rest. But for many, the most important is to choose the right bed and mattress and we have an excellent selection available. Say goodbye to restless disruptive sleep by treating yourself to a top-quality mattress from Beds Glasgow. It could set you on course for a new life.

24 May

How To Stay Cool And Sleep In Hot Weather

It may be a strange phenomenon, but Britain has experienced something of a heatwave recently. Temperatures have soared, and you may have found yourself feeling too warm. This can be a problem if you live in a home without air conditioning and trying to get some rest. What can you do if it is too hot outside and it’s keeping you awake? How do you sleep in sunny weather?

There are many ways to deal with the heat. It is recommended you remove heavy bedding, full blankets or duvets from the bed. You should also dispense with thick mattress protectors or pads. It is better to cover yourself with lighter fabrics such as cotton sheets and cotton weave blankets.

What you have to drink could determine whether you get a good night’s sleep in the heat. Experts say you shouldn’t drink ice cold water. It slows down the digestion and the metabolism, as well as reducing hydration. It is advised you drink water at room temperature if you wish to cool down. You should drink a lot of water to keep hydrated. Some even suggest keeping a water jug by the bed, so you can have a drink during the night if you get too hot or thirsty.

Stay Cool And Sleep In Hot Weather

You should also watch what you eat on a warm evening. Avoid heavy meals and enjoy a light supper before bed. Diners may want to skip the spicy foods and hot sauces if they don’t want their sleep interrupted.

If you like exercising you should stop working out a few hours prior to turning in. It can increase your body temperature and you should give yourself a couple of hours to cool down before going to bed.

If you really want to keep cool you should put your bedding, sheets, and blankets in the freezer half an hour before bedtime then you can relax in a cooling, soothing environment to help you drop off. The perfect solution for a disrupted sleep in hot weather.