Beds Glasgow has a perfect selection of prime pocket sprung mattresses at competitive prices. Our exceptional bed product provides optimum comfort, while adapting to your individual sleeping habits and movements. These are amongst the characteristics of a pocket sprung mattress.

It is comprised of a series of separate pocket springs, each encased in its own fabric pocket. They operate individually from one another, and each spring only responds to an individual’s body weight on a section of the mattress. It allows customers a heightened degree of personal support, to cater to their specific needs. Pocket springs also do not all move as a collective, which sets them apart from conventional open coil mattresses. They can curtail roll-together, decreasing transferring movement to another part of the mattress. The separate pocket springs work by themselves to support the body as you sleep, resulting in a good night’s rest.

Pocket sprung are considered among the leading sprung mattresses, and one of the most popular types, due to their consistency, firmness and complete body support. You can see for yourself as we at Beds Glasgow have an extraordinary range of on offer, at a price that cannot be beat.

These include an incredible Requiem Mattress has an open coil spring unit, also known as a Bonnell spring unit. It contains hourglass shaped springs, linked by a spiral wire. There is a 25mm layer of memory foam on top with cotton felt and Polyester fillings and a quilted cover finish. It is complete with a strong gauge rod-edge for additional support and durability, alongside other features. These have made The Requiem one of our most sought-after pocket sprung mattresses.

Customers could choose another one of our most popular items; the luxurious 1000 pocket sprung mattress. As the name suggest, this gold label product has a thousand separate pocket springs encased in individual pockets of fabric. The mattress has a medium-firm rating. It is fitted with air vents, and hand stitched sides for sturdy, steady edges, as well as a beautiful demask cover finishing.

For an overview of the vast range of stock available, visit our website or stop in our superstore near the city centre, for a mattress that won’t stretch your pocket.

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