Are you one of the millions of people suffering from back pain? It is said one in three in the UK live with this affliction. Most cases affect a person’s lower back. They can be a source of great pain and distress and have physical and even psychological effects. A backache can especially play a devastating toll on your sleep pattern. Keeping you awake at night and leaving you tired during the day. A disrupted sleep can also bring on nervous headaches and sap your energy, all resulting from back pain. The question is what can be the cause of the condition? What brings on the back pain you feel while trying to get to sleep which prevents you from getting to sleep?

Good Night's Sleep

It is felt, in most instances, back pain may not be a symptom of an underlying condition or serious illness. It could stem from an injury or accident or strain, which could clear up in a matter of weeks. It is possible to treat back pain with over the counter medication. However, it can also be a long-standing complaint which could last for months if not years.

Posture can often be a contributing factor in suffering back pain in bed. There are many common signs of poor posture, from slouching in your chair to rounded shoulders and the position you sleep in. But there are steps you can take to improve your posture and reduce the chances of back ache. It is recommended you sleep on the right-hand side with your knees bent a little. It is thought lying on the right side improves blood flow. You should furthermore keep the neck and spine properly aligned by filling the space between the shoulder, neck and head with the pillow. It is also important to sleep on a soft, firm pillow, for optimum comfort.

However, for majority of people, the most important consideration when avoiding backache is choosing the right bed and mattress to sleep on. It can feel like there is nothing better for your back than lounging in the most luxurious, relaxing bed you can find. We at Beds Glasgow have an excellent choice for sale. It could be the perfect remedy for back pain and help you get a peaceful night sleep. If you would like to know more about the fabulous beds and mattresses we have on offer step into our store in Glasgow or go online. It could turn your life around.

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