Are you a film fan who likes nothing better than lounging around on the sofa, catching a flick with a bowl of popcorn? Do you perhaps even prefer the more relaxing option of watching a movie in bed, covered up with a blanket? You may like going to the movies and catch the latest releases, rather than staying in. However, how would you like to enjoy the best of both worlds and combine the two? Spend an evening at the cinema while tucked up in bed at the same time? It may seem like the stuff of dreams, but a new hi-tech movie house in Switzerland offer cinemagoers that very service.

So, if you want to lay down, snuggle up and watch the new Avengers movie, then head for the “VIP Bedroom Cinema”. Apart of the newly opened Pathé Switzerland complex, located in the town of Spreitenbach, close to the Swiss-German border. The concept cinema is exclusive to Switzerland, allowing movie fans to take in a feature while reclining in double beds with adjustable headrests, instead of sitting in a conventional seat. The cinema has eleven double beds available, where tickets are on sale for around 49 Swiss francs, the equivalent of £37.

The operators of the “VIP Bedroom Cinema” would like customers to know hygiene will be of paramount importance. They can be assured the sheets will always be stripped down and washed; the beds will be made between showings. Operators can also assure moviegoers they won’t have to worry about any fellow customers getting a little over excited and behaving inappropriately during the screening. It is just a place where you can enjoy a movie in luxury and comfort, while covered up in a duvet.

There are no such bedroom cinemas in Britain at the moment, but there are many luxurious cinemas where you can watch a movie on a sofa or a reclining seat, such as the Everyman cinema in Glasgow.

However, for now, if you want to take in a flick while resting on a bed, jump on a plane to Switzerland. Have a lie in while having a night out at the cinema.

Have A Lie In And Watch A Movie At VIP Bedroom Cinema
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