We all know the festive season can be a crazy time of year. It can all feel like a blur. So, it’s hardly surprising that, just after New Year’s, one day is set aside for you to rest and recharge your batteries. Allowing you to catch your breath after the madness of Christmas and take some time out before the New Year begins.

Hope You Had A Happy Festival Of Sleep Day

You know December 25th is Christmas Day and January 1st is New Year’s Day. But are you aware two days after, January 3rd, has been designated the Festival Of Sleep Day? A special, unofficial holiday, celebrating both the joy and therapeutic benefits of having a nice kip.

It is a holiday which, on the face of it, is a zany, tongue in cheek event, extolling the virtues of getting some sleep. However, by handling a subject in a fun, light-hearted manner on the surface, you can address the more serious aspects underneath.

Nobody seems to know who exactly thought of the holiday or how it started, but people celebrate the Festival Of Sleep Day in different ways. Depending on the day of the week it falls on, or whether you have a prior commitment, you could mark the occasion with a long lie in or treating yourself to Breakfast In Bed.

Many people also celebrate the Festival of Sleep by buying themselves a new bed or a mattress. There is nothing like marking an unofficial holiday by buying a brand-new bed product, ideal for to lounging around on when January the 3rd comes around.

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