01 Jul

Is Social Media Keeping Your Kids Awake?

It has always been a struggle for parents to try and get their kids to go to bed at night. They always want to stay up for “just another five minutes” and it my seem like a constant battle to get them to turn in. Especially in this day and age, where every teenager has got a mobile phone, iPhone or iPad, where they can listen to music or watch a movie or a tv show, keeping them awake at night, which seems to be an ever-growing problem.

Is Social Media Keeping Your Kids Awake

As a matter of fact, according to new research, more and more children in this country are afflicted with sleeping disorders. Many are putting the blame on using social media and watching digital devices at night-time.

The UK has seen a significant rise in the percentage of young people being admitted to hospital, suffering from sleep disorders, since 2013. Cases of children under 16 being diagnosed increased from around six and a half thousand six years ago to almost nine and a half thousand in 2018.

Many experts accept gazing at a blue screen in the dark can disrupt a child’s sleeping pattern. Some feel if young people are staying awake at night chatting with friends over social media or streaming a film when they have to get up early the next morning, it could lead to an ongoing problem, which may result in a long-term sleep disorder.

However, some experts wonder if the answer may lie in enforcing strict rules at bedtime, highlighting the importance of establishing a good sleep routine.

One of the first steps is to give children some time to unwind before going to bed. Some recommend young people cutting down how much they use their mobile prior to turning in, which could help them get a good night’s rest. Many say it is just a little change in their day to day habits, which may be the secret to a better sleep.