As increasing numbers must self-isolate, finding the most comfortable surroundings, alongside maintaining personal hygiene, are extremely important. But, if you need to rest up, it is crucial you keep your bedding clean, as it can house various infections, germs, and bacteria.

Therefore, it is necessary to wash your bed sheets and mattresses on a regular basis. It is estimated 5% of the UK population clean their sheets once a month, while over 33% wash them every fortnight.

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However, alongside routinely changing your sheets, you should give your mattress a cleaning twice annually, or buy a new one every eight years.

There may be no set rules, but the consensus is you should indeed clean your mattress every six months, to remove any dirt, dead skin or dust mites which may accumulated.

If you want to keep your mattress clean, as hard as it may be, you may have to keep your pets away, as dog and cat fur can attract dirt, dust or pollen, alongside further allergens.

There are many ways to clean your mattress, using tried and tested methods and the latest techniques. It is felt, to begin with, you should clear away any hair, dirt, crumbs or foodstuff by vacuuming both sides, the top and underneath.

For many years, people have believed, when cleaning a mattress, you should douse it with baking soda, leave it a few hours and then hoover it up. But, this traditional, old fashioned method may not apply to all mattresses.

It has also popular to pick up a mattress protector, which, as the name suggests, can safeguard your mattress from beg bugs and other pests.

There are various measures you can take to keep your mattress clean. Safe in the knowledge you can rest your head in a spotless, hygienic environment, so it doesn’t keep you awake at night.