Do you have a problem with storage? Is your home filled to bursting and you are running out of cupboard space? If you have a storage crisis, choose an attractive piece of furniture for your bedroom. Why not get yourself an ottoman bed?

Ottoman Bed Glasgow

It is a divan bed or bed frame containing a gas lift hydraulic mechanism. Used to lift the lid of the base, providing extra storage space. If your cupboards or chests of drawers are packed to capacity, you can pack your stuff in the base. An ottoman can open from either the foot of the bed or the side. It can offer you an attractive alternative when looking for somewhere to store your possessions. It can be hidden away inside your ottoman, so nobody knows the difference.

The Ottoman bed gets its name from the historic Ottoman Empire, a  ruling power which was formed in the 13th Century in what is today Turkey and controlled the majority of South East Europe, North Africa and Western Asia for six hundred years, from the 14th to the 20th Century. Turkey is the home of Ottoman furniture, known for its unique design and storage capability which became all the rage in Europe in the late 18th Century.

Beds Glasgow offers its customers ottoman side storage from the bargain price of £399. We have an exceptional Divan Ottoman base to meet your comfort and storage needs. Beds Glasgow can provide you with a stunning side lifting ottoman storage bed, affording you a greater proportion of space, around 400%, more than the ordinary drawer bed.

Our awesome ottoman utilises the most up to minute gas lift process to raise the lid of the bed and lower it back down again. You can be assured the mattress, when put on the bed, acts almost as a countermeasure, so you can reach your possessions in the ottoman without any trouble. They can be stored inside the wooden base, as it is clean and clear of dust, due to being a solid wooden platform with air holes for ventilation and a fabric finishing. It has the storage space to hold a wide range of items, from pillows, bedding and duvets to books or a suitcase, amongst many others. The incredible ottoman has room for it and you can pick up a bed in a variety of sizes, from a Single and a Double to a King and Super King. You can also choose from a vast selection of fabrics to find the perfect design to drape your ottoman.

If you are on the lookout for the most comfortable and stylish storage space which will be the ideal feature for any bedroom, then pick up an awe-inspiring ottoman side storage base from Beds Glasgow.

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