Back pain is something that affects millions of people around the world at one time or another, and it can be extremely uncomfortable. And many of these individuals would do anything to rid themselves of the pain and ensure that they can lead a happy, comfortable life without it. This is why many look at orthopaedic and memory foam mattresses when it comes time to purchase a new one.

New Link Between Back Pain and Falling in Older Men

Risk Factor

According to recent studies, back pain is the most commonly found pain in older men; this could mean that these men are at greater risk of falling and injuring themselves. Lead author and associate professor at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Lynn Marshall, explained, “We know that older people with back pain have poor physical function, like lower strength and difficulty rising from a chair.”

She went on, “Pain is not thought of as a traditional fall risk factor, but our study showed that back pain is a risk factor for falls among older men.”


The report studied approximately 6,000 males over the age of 65 who lived at home. Between the years 2000 and 2002, these men were surveyed about back pain and were asked if they had had this problem over the previous twelve months; if so, they were asked how severe and intense the pain was, how often did it occur and where in the back was the pain. Over the next year, the men were tasked with logging whether they had fallen and how many times. Over two-thirds of the men revealed that they suffered from back pain in the original survey, with 62 per cent experiencing lower back pain. During the next year, 1,388 of the almost-6,000 men said that they had fallen at least once while 632 men had fallen on more than one occasion.

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New Link Between Back Pain and Falling in Older Men

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