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Super Orthopaedic Open Coil Mattress

Super Orthopaedic Open Coil Mattress

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Experience superior orthopedic support and ultimate comfort with the Apollo Super Orthopaedic Open Coil Mattress. Carefully crafted and designed to offer optimal spinal alignment, this mattress is a perfect choice for those seeking relief from back pain and yearning for a restorative night’s sleep.

The Apollo Super Orthopaedic Open Coil Mattress comes with a state-of-the-art ortho spring system that offers exceptional support tailored to your body’s natural contours. This specially designed system operates in perfect synchrony to distribute weight evenly, minimise pressure points, and promote correct spinal alignment, offering an ideal sleep posture for outstanding orthopedic support.

Designed with your comfort in mind, this mattress provides a firm feel, specifically catering to those with orthopedic needs. The carefully chosen layers of cushioning offer additional support and comfort, ensuring a restful and revitalising sleep experience.

The Apollo Super Orthopaedic Open Coil Mattress not only provides superior support but also boasts a durable construction assuring long-lasting performance. This robustly built mattress is designed to withstand the test of time, promising you years of comfortable and rejuvenating sleep.

Apollo has specifically designed the Super Orthopaedic Open Coil mattress as an ideal solution for individuals suffering from joint aches and back pain. This is achieved through the 12.5 gauge open coil springs unit and the rod edge support, which provide firm support and pressure relief.

As a double-sided mattress, the Super Orthopaedic Open Coil can be regularly flipped to ensure even wear and optimal performance over time.

Invest in the Apollo Super Orthopaedic Open Coil Mattress and revolutionise your sleep experience. Wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to seize the day. Place your order today and experience the unparalleled difference that superior orthopedic support can bring to your life.

Proudly handcrafted in the UK to the highest standards, this mattress exemplifies Apollo’s commitment to delivering quality and comfort.

  • Firm Comfort Support
  • Belgian Damask Fabric
  • Open Coil System
  • Great For Joint Pain
  • Rod Edge Support
  • Double Sided
  • Made in UK
Mattress Sizes Width ( cm ) Length ( cm ) Thickness (cm)
Small Single – 2’6” x 6’3 75 190 25
Single – 3’0″ x 6’3″ 90 190 25
Small Double – 4’0″ x 6’3″ 120 190 25
Double – 4’6″ x 6’3″ 135 190 25
King size- 5’0″ x 6’6″ 150 198 25
Super King – 6’0″ x 6’6″ 180 198 25