There are very few things to cause as much domestic upheaval or to drive your other half crazy, that to have a partner that snores. It can keep you awake at night, leaving you irritable, restless and exhausted in the daytime. It can often be the cause of arguments and leave you feeling like a bear with a sore head. It is a problem which has troubled mankind for centuries, but, thanks to modern technology and the wonders of science, we may have found an answer, in the realms of artificial intelligence.


It is the breakthrough which could change the world, as well as save millions of marriages. Where a team of American researchers, from Northern Illinois University, have invented a one of a kind smart pillow, utilising the latest noise-cancelling technology and adaptive algorithms. Designed to adapt itself to the individual breathing patterns of the person snoring and quiet them down. It sounds like an amazing concept, but unfortunately, for the moment, that’s as far as it goes. However, the ground-breaking idea has been outlined in a thorough study, appearing in the IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica.

This is not the first-time experts have tried to harness noise-cancelling equipment to silence someone’s’ snoring. The equipment was formerly placed in blankets and headboards, but never into an actual pillow itself.

Basically, the noise cancelling system operates by identifying the sounds of snoring, then creating sound waves of equivalent amplitude to cancel them out. The snoring sounds are detected by a reference microphone, as a pair of error microphones detect any ambient noise. The noises then go through an adaptive filter and construct an appropriate anti-noise signal, played through a pair of speakers in the pillow.

Right now, the AI smart pillow is merely at the prototype stage. However, should it become readily available, think of how many people could have a silent sleep, and how many other halves could be spared having to listen to their snoring?


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