16 Jul

Feel Like A Champion Check Out The Word Of Bed Frames Available

Last summer football fans were caught up in the excitement of the FIFA World Cup in Russia. The final in Moscow saw France beating Croatia 4-2 and now, following on from the men’s tournament, the world champions are now hosting the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Madrid Bed Frame

24 nations from 6 confederations are competing, with the final taking place at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais, in Lyon on the 7th of July.

The 2019 Women’s World Cup brings the world together in a celebration of skill. We at Beds Glasgow have an array of beautiful bed frames and mattresses, bearing the names of cities from across the globe. If you wish to sample the finest bed products in an international style, then you have come to the right place.

These include the magnificent Madrid Bed Frame, a stunningly upholstered item, handcrafted in the UK. Produced using tried and tested methods and coming in a wide range of colours and fabrics. It contains contemporary chrome feet, a low foot end and has ample under mattress storage.

Customers could choose the stunningly upholstered Milan Bed Frame, the perfect adornment to any bedroom. We offer the beautifully designed Vienna Bed Frame and the London Bed Frame, appropriately fashioned in the UK, with glorious upholstery, a low foot end and the latest chrome feet.

Beds Glasgow stocks the amazing Athens Bed Frames, known for their simple, unique style, created using conventional methods. The frame is lauded for its exceptional storage properties, accessed by raising the base top, where you can place belongings under the mattress.

You could also purchase other items with a global feel, from the attractive Oslo, Hamburg and Vienna Bed Frames, to the Venice and Manhattan, amongst others. If you are scouting for the most beautiful bed frames with an international theme, then come to Beds Glasgow. Visit our superstore near Glasgow city centre or check out our selection online, Looking for champion bed frames at a world class price? We can help you achieve your goal.

16 Dec

Fancy a new bed to hang your stocking on?

Christmas is almost upon us and people all over Glasgow are preparing for the festive season. We are getting ready to trim the tree, carve the turkey and hang the decorations. However, for many of us, it is also the time to consider altering the interior decoration of our homes. Why not mark the end of the year by having a clear out and treat yourself to some wonderful new furniture? There’s no need to wait for the January sales. It could be the perfect gift for Christmas.

Therefore, if you are looking for the ideal home addition to ring in the new year, then you could choose a beautiful bedroom set from Beds Glasgow. We pride ourselves on providing the most attractive and affordable bed products in a variety of styles be it modern, contemporary or traditional. Our superstore off the M8, close to Glasgow city centre, has a vast selection box of bed frames, mattresses, full divans and headboards to brighten any home.

Just check out the glorious range of beds we have for sale at competitive prices. From a Solo Metal bed and a stunning Victoria bed frame to a White Crystal bed frame and a fittingly festive White Sleigh frame, among a multitude of other marvellous bed products.

Christmas is also the right occasion to pick up a new bed for the kids. Beds Glasgow has an awesome choice of brilliantly designed children’s beds, to capture their imagination. Choose a cool bed product for boys and girls in the style of a racing car, such as a Blue or Red Racer bed frame or a sleek Speeder frame. Customers could pick up a super Chelsea midsleeper in white neutral oak with extra storage space where, if you raise the bed there are additional shelves underneath. The multi-purpose bed comes with a ladder and bookcase and perfectly fits a single sized mattress.

These are just a few of the fantastic items you can pick up at Beds Glasgow this holiday season. Take a trip to our grotto and experience some festive cheer when you purchase a glorious new bed this Christmas. It’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.

25 Nov

How to Find the Perfect Bed

How to Find the Perfect Bed

Here at Beds Glasgow, we know what makes a good bed. Moreover, we stock a wide range of beds for our customers as we know that everyone has different preferences in terms of style, size and mattress firmness ratings.

Choosing the Perfect Bed

We understand that most people may not be aware of what to look for when selecting a new bed or mattress for their home. There are just so many things to consider, and your purchase will ultimately be something you will want to keep for many years, we are sure you will want to get it right.

With so many hours spent in bed (on average, a third of our lives are spent sleeping!), comfort is an obvious factor. In light of this, we have a choice of mattresses that will ensure your complete comfort every night. Our range includes memory foam mattresses as well as orthopaedic mattresses that are guaranteed to give you a good sleep every time.

Bed Frames

The type of bed frame you choose will inevitably depend on personal preferences. Suffice to say we have plenty of choice when it comes to frames, and these include divans and storage beds. Our beds are manufactured from a range of materials that include fabric, leather, wood and metal. We also have an assortment of bunk beds and beds designed specifically for children.

Why Comfort is Important

Many people do not realise that their bed could be the reason they do not enjoy a good quality sleep every night. They may blame stress or the fact that they cannot unwind, but it can just be down to the comfort level of their mattress.

Studies have shown that a good quality mattress can make a huge difference when it comes to unbroken sleep.Those that do manage to find a bed that provides the most comfort could enjoy up to an hour more restful sleep every single night.

Check out Beds Glasgow’s full range of top quality, affordable beds today to find one that suits your preferences and budget.



30 Nov

Mattress Buying Guide

Mattress Buying Guide



This “mattress buying guide” will help you make an informed choice to get the right mattress for you and your partner. The correct mattress with the right divan base or bedstead can mean the difference between sweet dreams or sleep deprivation. A good quality mattress promotes deeper, more refreshing sleep by giving you better support.

Take a look at our range of mattresses here before reverting back to our mattress buying guide.


3 easy steps to choosing your mattress

Don’t compromise – A good mattress can last up to 10 years, so it’s a serious investment. But you should buy the best you can afford: when you think that every £100 you spend on a mattress represents just 2.7p a night over 10 years, it’s a small price to pay.

Try before you buy – If you’re buying a bedstead or divan separately we recommend you talk to one of our selling assistants in our shop. It’s important you test the mattress on your chosen bedstead or divan so you can be sure they achieve your desired comfort level. And it’s only by trying a few different mattresses that you can fully appreciate the difference between levels of support and different types of mattress.

Match mattress to divan base – Our mattresses and divan bases are designed to complement each other. The right mattress and divan base combination will promote the correct posture and provide support where you need it most. If you already have a bedstead in good condition you may only need a mattress. However, if you have a divan, a new mattress alone won’t give you the full benefit. It’s advisable to replace both. Divans act as bases for mattresses and have a solid top which provides firmer support. A divan base is useful if you are tight for space in your bedroom as they often have drawers for storage – or you prefer a more neutral look. 

Different types of mattresses

One of the biggest causes of sleepless nights is fluctuations in body temperature, so we offer some mattresses with 100% natural fillings to keep you comfortable all year round. Mattress design and technology has never been more innovative. We offer a wide range at prices to suit every pocket.

Open coil spring mattress – The most commonly used springing system in the world for budget-priced mattresses. Border rod or wire gives the mattress a firm edge and helps retain its shape. The unit is made up of hour glass shaped springs which are joined together.

Pocket spring mattress – Recommended if there’s a size difference between you and your partner, as it minimises the risk of you rolling towards each other during the night. A pocket sprung mattress is more luxurious with individal small springs housed in separate fabric pockets. Springs work independently to respond to individual body weight. 

Looking after your mattress

Airing – After delivery the mattress should be aired for 4 hours to freshen and remove any aroma from storage. The mattress should be aired on a weekly basis by turning back the bedlinen for a few hours. A mattress protector or an under blanket below the sheet is recommended.

Sprung Mattresses – With the majority of sprung mattresses it’s important to turn your mattress regularly to maximise its life. Body weight compresses a mattress, leading to dips and ultimately an uneven sleeping surface. Consider a one-sided ‘no-turn’ mattress if turning a heavy mattress could be difficult.

Circulation – Avoid using a plastic sheet on or under the mattress as
this prevents air circulation and can cause condensation. If needed you can purchase a breathable waterproof mattress protector.

Memory Foam Mattresses –  These mattresses do not need turning and in some cases only have one sleeping surface so cannot be turned, but the mattress should still be rotated lengthways occasionally (once a month) to maximise its life. Over time these mattresses may feel as if they are gradually getting softer, as cells within the foam open more fully and the surface reacts more quickly. However, the important pressure relieving properties remain the same and eventually the whole mattress will react evenly.