12 Jul

How To Get A Good Nights Sleep While Suffering From Hay Fever?

We are now in the middle of summer (apparently), the time of year when the temperature rises (reportedly) and people are enjoying the sunshine (hopefully). However, for millions across the country, the rise in the mercury is nothing to laugh about. Especially if you suffer from hay fever, where the warmer temperature can be a source of great discomfort, instead of all fun and games.

How To Get A Good Nights Sleep While Suffering From Hay Fever

The fact is hay fever, the most widespread allergy affecting grown-ups in the UK, can impact your life in various ways, morning, noon and night; especially considering how the condition can upset your sleeping habits. Sources say more than 50% of adult males and females struggling with an allergy like hay fever find it hard to get to sleep at night. This can affect your energy levels during the day, bring on exhaustion and diminish your cognitive abilities. Lack of sleep can also lead to stress and anxiety and contribute to depression.

However, there are steps you can take to get better sleep during hay fever season. These can involve subtle alterations in your bedtime routine which could make all the difference. For instance, it may seem fundamental, but it is recommended you try changing and washing your sheets more often. Most people only wash their bed sheets once a fortnight, but experts believe this may not be enough to eradicate the signs of allergens. If you wish to keep your sheets clear of dust or pollen, you should try cleaning them every week at a high temperature, just to be sure.

Many also feel the mattress you sleep in can play a pivotal role in alleviating the symptoms of hay fever. A conventional mattress can house literally thousands of dust mites which could aggravate allergies. However, by purchasing a high-quality mattress, you can decrease the chances of being plagued by the mites and particles, which could bring on your hay fever.

Beds Glasgow stocks the finest quality mattresses at a knockdown price. If you are looking for the perfect night sleep, we offer the widest selection of bed products, all the year round. Whichever the season, you can find the most comfortable mattress online, or in store, from Beds Glasgow.

18 Dec

Fancy A Change? You Should Buy A New Mattress Every Eight Years

They say a change is as good as a rest and many believe changing your mattress can help you get a better rest. Most mattresses, even the firmest, finest quality items, commonly last between five years to a decade. It is generally recommended you buy a new mattress every eight years. If you are having trouble sleeping, wake up tired or suffer aches and pains in the morning, it may be time to replace your mattress.

Cheaper Mattresses Found to be Just as Good Quality as Expensive Ones

There are many different reasons why you may choose to change your mattress. The simple fact is it may be old and worn out and may be due to an upgrade. That is why it is advised you routinely give your mattress a once-over, checking for signs of ageing and wear and tear. Ranging from sagging, lumps and indentations, which could prove uncomfortable and affect your sleep. Having your rest disrupted can result in emotional or psychological problems like anxiety and depression. An out of shape mattress may lose its support and could possibly lead to a variety of physical complaints. From stiffness and sore muscles to numbness, neck and back pain, as well as trapped nerves.

What’s more, if you hold on to a mattress for too long a time, it could begin to collect unwelcome matter. These include a build-up of dead skin cells, dust mites, pollen and even body fluid residue among others. It is thought the stockpile of unwanted body matter can increase the weight of your mattress by almost 100%. You may launder your mattress and linens but there is a chance it may still contain particles which can be problematic for those who may suffer from allergies.

If you are looking for the most consistently comfortable sleep, you should buy a new mattress every eight years. When seeking out a suitable replacement you could take your pick of the fabulous selection on sale from Beds Glasgow.

14 Nov

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep in the Wintertime

In wintertime, when the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, many people find it hard to get a good nights sleep in the wintertime.

The NHS recommends an average adult should have in the area of seven to nine hours sleep each night. However various factors, such as stress, depression, loud noises and even the temperature of the room may disrupt your sleeping pattern. If you suffer from winter cold or flu symptoms it could actually keep you awake. In fact, it has been reported sleep disorders are more common at this time of year when the temperature drops. There are steps you can take though to curtail the signs of insomnia in wintertime and wake up refreshed in the morning.

Stay Cool And Sleep In Hot Weather

Among the various reasons why people may find it more difficult to get to sleep at this time of year may have a meteorological basis, as well as the effects changes in the weather may have on a person’s routine and their wellbeing. It is a well-known fact we require sunlight to produce the chemical in the body called melatonin, which controls how well we sleep and how long. So, in the wintertime, when it gets dark early and people tend to stay indoors more, we don’t get exposed to as much sunlight, you can experience a dip in the production of melatonin which can affect your sleep. It is therefore advised you take in as much natural light as you can while the sun is up. Try not to spend all your time indoors and go outside during the daytime. Experts also recommend you open your blinds or curtains as soon as you wake up in the morning and dim your lights at night-time to expedite the production of melatonin before turning in.

Another important aspect of having uninterrupted sleep in the winter is the temperature. It sees an obvious rise in the use of artificial heaters to hold back the cold, although these heaters create warm, dry air which can leave you feeling dehydrated. What’s more, if you leave the heating on at night you could wake up with a thirst, experience dry mouth and have trouble falling back to sleep. If you are looking for a good night’s rest, it is advised you try and maintain a cool temperature between 16 to 18 degrees Celsius, You should shut off the heating when you go to bed and cover yourself in bed linens, blankets or duvets made from cotton or wool which are ideal for regulating the temperature of the human body, so you don’t get too warm at night and have problems sleeping.

However, for many, the key to a brilliant night’s sleep in the perfect bed or mattress and we have a magnificent selection available at Beds Glasgow. Take a look around our huge superstore just outside the centre of Glasgow or check us out online, where you are certain to find the bed product of your dreams. Say goodbye to the winter blues for a restful sleep this Christmas with Beds Glasgow.

21 Jun

Do You Have Trouble Sleeping? You’re Not Alone

There are times when we all have trouble sleeping. You may have a lot on your mind. Are money worries, family problems or stresses at work keeping you awake? Surely, its part of everyday life. No big deal. But, as a matter of fact, sleep disorders are becoming increasingly common in the UK. Just check out the statistics.

Studies say one in three UK adults, approximately 31% of the population, suffer from insomnia, while 16 million people experience sleepless nights. Two out of three people, around 67%, have their sleep disrupted while over 20% only manage five hours sleep at most. Reportedly, almost 50% of the UK adult population feel they do not get enough sleep. The same ratio, almost half, do not even take steps to get a good night’s rest. Despite over 25% claiming improving their sleep is the most important health goal.

All in all, UK adults sleep an average of six hours a night. The National Sleep Foundation advises you get between seven and nine hours for a proper rest.

People adopt many different measures to try and get to sleep. It is reported 13%, just over one in ten, of the adult population, will take sleeping pills. However, that number rises to 19% for those between the ages of 18 and 24 years old.

13%, of the population, may take a nightcap, an alcoholic drink, to help them fall asleep, but it is not recommended. Ironically, drinking before bedtime can backfire and keep you awake.

If you have trouble falling asleep it is advised you try more conventional means. 39% prefer reading late at night to relax while 18% avoid electronic devices. 32% of adults abstain from drinking caffeine after 12 noon to prevent disruptive sleep.

There are so many steps you can take to get a good night’s rest. But for many, the most important is to choose the right bed and mattress and we have an excellent selection available. Say goodbye to restless disruptive sleep by treating yourself to a top-quality mattress from Beds Glasgow. It could set you on course for a new life.

17 Apr

Why a Bad Bed Can Ruin Your Libido

In an earlier post, we discussed some of the symptoms associated with an uncomfortable mattress, and one of these was that a poor mattress could affect your libido. Libido issues can be a worry for both men and women. However, it is something that could be addressed through something as simple as buying a mattress and bed that suits you.

But how does an uncomfortable mattress affect libido?

Can a Lack of Sleep Cause Mental Health Problems?

When you sleep, you are not just resting and rejuvenating your body; you’re doing the same for your brain. A lack of comfortable sleep means the brain is not recovering adequately from the toils of the previous day. Over the course of weeks and months, this can increase the likelihood of anxiety and depression.

And yes – anxiety and depression are issues known to decrease libido. If you have been feeling down in the dumps for no apparent reason, it could be down to your mattress. Moreover, mental health problems caused by a lack of sleep means being less productive and less happy overall.

Does a Lack of Energy Reduce Libido?

There are different stages of sleep essential for a good night’s rest. If that sleep is interrupted for any reason, you will not get theeventual deep, restful sleep that allows the body to recover. Quite often, those who sleep on uncomfortable mattresses wake up feeling more tired than they were before they went to bed.

Lack of energy due to being tired means a detrimental effect on libido.

Poor Sleep Lowers Testosterone Levels

A lack of testosterone is something often associated with getting older. Nevertheless, more young people are now experiencing the same effects of low testosterone levels. When these young people finally get to bed after a night of partying or whatever,trying to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress means no restful sleep, as discussed above, which then also affects testosterone levels. Loss of libido will eventually occur.

As you can see from the above, an uncomfortable mattress could be a significant contributing factor to libido issues. Better sleep equalsimproved physical and mental health. Take a look at your mattress– is it as comfortable as it should be?

15 Mar

Yes – It’s National Bed Month Again

Welcome to the month of March. If you are in the bedding industry, you know what that means: we are now in the midst of National Bed Month. If you are not in the industry, you may not know that 2017 marks the 27th straight year of recognising National Bed Month in the UK. This is the month we talk about mattresses, sleeping, and all things beds. We are on board here at Beds Glasgow.

National Bed Month

So what exactly is National Bed Month? It is an annual campaign to help raise awareness of sleep-related issues and how these can be addressed through quality bedding. The campaign is a great educational opportunity inasmuch as many people don’t understand how poor quality bedding interrupts good sleep.

Do you follow our weekly blog posts? If so, you know our previous two posts listed signs suggesting you might be sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress without knowing it. Now consider the fact that longevity has a lot to do with whether the mattress you are sleeping on is comfortable. A high-quality mattress should last between 10 and 20 years before breaking down sufficiently enough to interrupt your sleep. Of course, you will pay more for quality.

Better Sleep Is Much Needed

From our perspective, there is another topic – sleep deprivation – that is just as important to talk about during National Bed Month as the quality of your mattress. Numerous studies over the last couple of years clearly show that kids are getting less sleep and suffering for it both physically and emotionally. And, unfortunately, they are learning bad sleep habits from parents who are not giving enough attention to good sleep.

If you are sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, now would be a good time to replace it. But please pay attention to your sleep habits too. Make a point of establishing a routine bedtime, disconnect (turn off electronic devices) at least an hour before bed, and remove the TV from your bedroom. Make bedtime sleep time for at least 8 to 10 hours per night. You will be better off for it.

06 Mar

3 More Symptoms of an Uncomfortable Mattress

In a previous post, we addressed three symptoms of an uncomfortable mattress. All three were things you might experience without realising that you are suffering because you’re not comfortable when you are sleeping. We’ve decided to follow-up that post with three more symptoms.

Keep in mind that it is entirely possible to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress for months before figuring out that it is causing you problems. The six symptoms listed between these two blog posts are intended to help you work out if your mattress needs to be replaced.

3 More Symptoms of an Uncomfortable Mattress

1. You Are Gaining Weight

People who are not sleeping enough present a higher risk of gaining weight. This is due to two factors. First, a lack of restful sleep alters the chemical balance in the body and makes it more difficult for a person to feel full after eating. Second, sleep deprivation can lead to overeating as the body attempts to compensate for the lack of energy. If you are gaining weight inexplicably, it may be because you are not sleeping well.

2. You Are Forgetting Things

We all expect to experience minor memory issues as we age, but routinely forgetting things for no apparent reason is another matter altogether. Not getting enough sleep could be the culprit. Here’s the deal: sleep plays an important role in forming memories in the brain. If you’re not getting enough sleep, many of those memories that would otherwise take root do not. Both short- and long-term memory can be affected.

3. Your Libido Is Dropping

Restful sleep is essential to a healthy libido. Research has shown that not getting enough sleep can reduce the sex drive in both men and women. In men, it can even be a contributing factor to erectile dysfunction and low sperm count.

As you can see, restful sleep is essential to a lot of areas of everyday life. If you’ve noticed any of the six symptoms we’ve listed in our combined blog posts, take a second look at whether your mattress is behind them or not.

05 Mar

3 Symptoms of an Uncomfortable Mattress

Imagine seeing a television advert in which a spokes person asks if your bed mattress is really comfortable. You eventually come to the conclusion that you don’t really know. In fact, you’ve never thought about whether you’re comfortable enough in bed to get a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress without knowing it is not that unusual. Most mattresses just at the verge of breaking down begin to make their occupants just uncomfortable enough to interrupt sleep yet not enough to make it obvious that a lack of comfort is the problem.

Symptoms of an Uncomfortable Mattress

Here are three symptoms that suggest you might be sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress:

1. You’re Drowsy During the Day

If you are uncomfortable in bed, you may doze off without ever falling into REM sleep. REM sleep is that deep sleep we all need. Finding yourself constantly drowsy during the day at least tells you you’re not getting enough restful sleep, and the reason may be the comfort of your mattress. You may be just comfortable enough to fall asleep but not enough to find that place of REM rest.

2. You Wake up with Back Pain

You don’t actually have to be restless all night to know you’re sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. Waking up every morning with back pain is a good sign that your mattress is no longer providing the kind of support you need. Remember that a mattress should provide enough support to keep your spine and head properly aligned throughout the night. One that is beginning to break down doesn’t provide that support.

3. You Toss and Turn All Night

There are plenty of people who toss and turn all night, attributing their sleeping problems to stress or an inability to turn the brain off. Stress and thinking too much certainly can interrupt sleep. However, physical discomfort can have you tossing and turning without you even realising it. If you find yourself waking up multiple times during the night just to turn over, there’s a fairlystrong likelihood you’re not comfortable.

16 Dec

Reliable and Top-Quality Supplier

Here at Beds Glasgow, we appreciate that there is nothing more important than a good night’s sleep, which is why we ensure that all our mattresses are of top-quality. When you purchase a mattress from us, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a reliable supplier.

John Lewis

However, recent reports suggest that some mattresses provided by other top suppliers have been failing elements of testing. As a result, a whole new range of tests is being implemented to ensure maximum safety and comfort going forward.

New and Improved

Following on from the Cabinet Maker’s Mattress Report, John Lewis has agreed to take part in a new and improved level of testing after conducting their own investigations. Two sample mattresses were used from John Lewis to take part in the report, one of these passed all tests while the other failed in certain areas.

Head of product technology at John Lewis, Dave Mallinson, made a statement to Cabinet Maker, saying, “Two of our mattresses were included in the tests and we were very disappointed that one of them appeared to not meet our high standards. Although we no longer sell the mattress concerned, it had previously passed all its testing. There is nothing more important to us than the safety of all of the products we sell; we work hard to make sure that all of our own brand mattresses comply with relevant regulation and they are all rigorously tested.”

Enhanced Level of Testing

He added, “Following the report, we asked the manufacturer to fully investigate and also carried out our own thorough independent investigations. As a result, we have agreed a new and enhanced level of testing that goes beyond that required of BS7177. We hope this will ensure they are as safe as they can be and that our customers can continue to have total confidence in the quality of John Lewis own brand products.”

If you are looking to purchase a new mattress but want to ensure that you are buying from a reliable and top-quality supplier, and then look no further than Beds Glasgow. We have an extensive selection of exclusive beds and mattresses at fantastic prices.


1. https://www.cabinet-maker.co.uk/retail/john-lewis-agrees-enhanced-level-of-testing-following-mattress-report/15895.article

18 Nov

Why a Good Bed is Important

Sleeping in a bad bed is like eating junk food every day, it’s not great for your health or well-being. Many people all over the world underestimate the real value of sleeping in a comfortable and well-made bed every night, even when they’ve heard the great benefits that quality sleep brings.

Considering that a good sleep can improve your everyday mood, increase your work performance, promote staying at a healthy weight, and improve decision-making, investing in a premium bed and/or mattress suddenly seems like a worthwhile idea. And of course, it is.


Below we’re going to take a look at why a good bed is important to have.

A Better Bed Equals Less Stress

You can probably imagine that being more comfortable in general would decrease stress, and you would be right. So why do so many people not consider their bed or mattress when it comes to this point?

It’s been shown even in studies that sleeping in a comfortable bed reduces overall stress, including worrying, racing thoughts and more. Think about how much these factors affect your day-to-day life in many small ways, then ask yourself whether you deserve a comfortable eight hours in bed every night. The answer is yes.

A Good Bed Will Help You Sleep

Often people have the same bed for many years and think that their sleeping problems lie outside of what they’re sleeping on every night. The thing is, your lack of quality sleep may not actually be psychological or due to your lifestyle, it could easily be your old bed not doing as good a job as it used to.

Look out for the feeling of springs in your back and other subtle uncomfortable nuances that may be affecting your sleep. This is where the advantages of a good bed will quickly show themselves as the difference can often be astounding.

Revitalise Your Bedroom

What is commonly forgotten is that your perception of your bed and bedroom will naturally affect your quality of sleep. If you think your bedroom is cosy and great to sleep in, then that is more likely to be the outcome, and vice-versa. Having a good bed is the cornerstone of a comfortable and relaxing sleeping space.

If you find that you sleep better in places other than your own bedroom, it may be time to invest in a good bed to combat this problem.

A Good Bed is Worth Investing In

The benefits of sleeping in a good quality bed every night cannot be overstated, these positive effects have a ripple impact on many other aspects of your everyday life, from home life to your career.

Get in touch with a well-established bed supplier today to find out how you could be increasing the quality of your sleep overnight.