22 Oct

Choose The Finest Pocket Sprung Mattress From Beds Glasgow

Beds Glasgow has a perfect selection of prime pocket sprung mattresses at competitive prices. Our exceptional bed product provides optimum comfort, while adapting to your individual sleeping habits and movements. These are amongst the characteristics of a pocket sprung mattress.

It is comprised of a series of separate pocket springs, each encased in its own fabric pocket. They operate individually from one another, and each spring only responds to an individual’s body weight on a section of the mattress. It allows customers a heightened degree of personal support, to cater to their specific needs. Pocket springs also do not all move as a collective, which sets them apart from conventional open coil mattresses. They can curtail roll-together, decreasing transferring movement to another part of the mattress. The separate pocket springs work by themselves to support the body as you sleep, resulting in a good night’s rest.

Pocket sprung are considered among the leading sprung mattresses, and one of the most popular types, due to their consistency, firmness and complete body support. You can see for yourself as we at Beds Glasgow have an extraordinary range of on offer, at a price that cannot be beat.

These include an incredible Requiem Mattress has an open coil spring unit, also known as a Bonnell spring unit. It contains hourglass shaped springs, linked by a spiral wire. There is a 25mm layer of memory foam on top with cotton felt and Polyester fillings and a quilted cover finish. It is complete with a strong gauge rod-edge for additional support and durability, alongside other features. These have made The Requiem one of our most sought-after pocket sprung mattresses.

Customers could choose another one of our most popular items; the luxurious 1000 pocket sprung mattress. As the name suggest, this gold label product has a thousand separate pocket springs encased in individual pockets of fabric. The mattress has a medium-firm rating. It is fitted with air vents, and hand stitched sides for sturdy, steady edges, as well as a beautiful demask cover finishing.

For an overview of the vast range of stock available, visit our website or stop in our superstore near the city centre, for a mattress that won’t stretch your pocket.

12 Mar

The Secret Of A Good Night’s Sleep

It seems most people are under a great deal of stress these days. We fret about money problems, work or relationships. It can lead to thousands of people across the country having trouble sleeping. It is recommended that to get a good night’s rest, you must stick to a regular bedtime routine. However, this can be difficult for individuals suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia, but there are steps you can take to develop a bedtime routine.

Good Night's Sleep

Generally, adults need in the region of six and nine hours of sleep a night. Therefore, it is advised you programme your brain and internal body clock to get used to a sleep pattern. It is believed winding down at the end of the evening can help you sleep. Many people find a lukewarm bath just before bedtime contusive to rest. Others use relaxation exercises like yoga stretches to relax their muscles. However, you must be careful not to exercise too much, or it may keep you awake.

It is common for people to listen to relaxation CDs, soothing music or the radio to help them sleep. Many also read books before they go to bed to distract their minds. Experts say that for a good night’s rest, you should make your bedroom more sleep-friendly. It sounds fundamental, but some things can affect a person’s ability to drop off, from lights and electronic gadgets to the television being on. For many people though, one of the biggest hindrances to getting a good night’s sleep is laying on an uncomfortable bed or mattress.

If you are looking for the finest selection of mattresses available, then come to Beds Glasgow, the highest rated bed shop in the city. We are dedicated to helping our customers get the best sleep possible, at a bargain price.

06 Jun

Ways To Care For An Ageing Mattress

When it comes to a healthy night’s sleep, following these tips can help care for your ageing mattress allowing you to sleep better. The following tips allow to keep your mattress fit for purpose into its later life.

Experts recommend that you replace your mattress every 8 years. This ensures that your mattress is giving you the support you need, is hygienic & provide you with the sleep you need.

Independent experts have found that older mattresses that suffered years of wear and tear significantly lost height & contained a covering of skin cells, dust and fibres. Dust mites in old mattresses can also affect allergies. Have a look at our tips below to ensure you will get eight restful years on your mattress.


Regularly Rotate: Make sure you regularly rotate your mattress to vary the areas of prolonged impact when you sleep as your mattress can suffer from dips and compression after long term use. Also check to see if your mattress is turnable & make sure you turn your mattress regularly as well.

Air It: Make sure when you first purchase a mattress, the mattress is aired for around four hours. You should regularly air your mattress throughout it’s lifetime. airing the mattress allows body moisture to evaporate from it. Taking the opportunity to ventilate your mattress by removing bed covers etc for 20 minutes a day and longer periods when you are away from home will preserve freshness.

Use A Mattress Topper/Protector: Using a mattress topper or a protector preserve the condition of your mattress & also add a level of comfort to your bed. For advice on toppers/protectors contact our customer services on 0141 554 0792.

Avoid Sitting On The Edge: Try and avoid sitting on the edge of your mattress for prolonged periods of time. We all do it from time to time, but try finding a chair as sitting on the edge of the mattress can have detrimental effects.

Vacuum: Make sure that you vacuum your mattress every two to three months. This is something that many people don’t do and it can impact the hygiene of your mattress. Make sure to vacuum to ensure that you are getting rid of dead skin cells and dust mites that have gathered on your mattress.

Don’t Fold It/Walk or Jump on It: If you need to move your mattress, make sure you don’t fold it as it can damage the interior and will reduce the quality of the comfort & support of your mattress. As well as folding, don’t walk, stand or jump on your mattress as this will also damage the contents of the mattress.