Have you turned in the middle of the night to hear your partner give a running commentary in their sleep? Do you think they are talking to you, but they are actually in dreamland? They may be exhibiting signs of what is called somniloquy, or more commonly known as sleep talking.

Talk In Our Sleep

One out of a hundred adults in the UK talk in their sleep. Some of what they say can be complete nonsense, while others believe when your loved one speak out while counting zees, they may be offering you an insight into their private thoughts, or the secrets which reside in their subconscious. Sleep talking can often be funny, entertaining and even a little eye-opening sometimes, but what does it really mean?

The National Sleep Foundation, as you would imagine, has greatly researched the subject and has gathered there are a variety of explanations why someone may sleep talk. Some of which may not be cause for levity. Studies suggest it may be linked to stress or psychological problems like stress, depression, substance abuse or being sleep deprived, amongst other reasons.

There is also a chance you may talk in your sleep if you have nightmares or suffer from sleep disorders related to REM sleep or sleep apnoea. Many people believe sleep talking may be genetic and passed down the family.

However, if you are concerned about what you say in your sleep, experts say you don’t have to worry. Experts believe what you talk about while unconscious doesn’t mean anything, and you shouldn’t pay any attention to it.

Sleep talking is not serious, and you shouldn’t worry about it. However, if you would like to rectify the situation, and stop giving your partner something to laugh at, then there are steps you can take to reduce the chances of somniloquy.

You can decrease your emotional stress and do more exercise in the daytime. It can tire you out so you can get a better rest at night. However, exercising before bedtime will keep you awake. It is also recommended you do not have a big meal, drink caffeine or alcohol before you go to bed.

For many people though, the best remedy for sleep talking is to get a proper night’s rest and develop a regular sleeping pattern. This can be achieved by buying the most comfortable bed or mattress set from Beds Glasgow. We have a remarkable selection to choose from, where you can find the ideal bed product to meet your needs. Come and see for yourself why everybody’s talking about Beds Glasgow. Let’s just hope it’s not in the middle of the night.

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